Welcome to the New Secrets Website

Well, if you have been a Secrets reader for awhile, you are now looking at the largest change we have ever made in our 14 year history. Whereas Secrets has been based on HTML documents up until now (except for the DVD Benchmark Reviews and the Forum), today we are launching the entire website in database format.

It has been a grueling year for us, converting the website, having gone through several companies and individuals who told us we were asking for too much complexity, and that they could simply not deliver what we wanted.

Then we found a company in Southern California that specializes in website development for online magazines. MDigitalDesign took on our project several months ago, and, spending many hours talking to our staff, turned it into a work of art.

It is a very complicated design, with many database modules from numerous sources. We wanted to go live before Christmas, but there were just too many little things to do, and even now, there are plenty of things that need attention. Most of them we know about, but I would like all of you to please send us an e-mail (staff at hometheaterhifi dot com) as to mistakes you have discovered, such as broken links, but also to let us know of improvements or clarifications that you would like.

Note that you can make comments on reviews and blogs by filling out the form at the bottom of the various pages. You will also be able to add comments on the definitions in our Encyclopedia (formerly the Primer), and even add your own new words with definitions. This is one of the advantages of a database design, along with the ability to search the website much more efficiently and to have more sophisticated graphics.

Tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours have been spent developing this project. It is an asset not only to us, but certainly to you, the readership. So, help us make it the best it can be. Go through the entire website, as there are lots of new things for you to see.

John E. Johnson, Jr.