High Dynamic Range Glossary

Appendix A – Glossary of Acronyms

APL Average Picture Level
HDR High Dynamic Range
SDR Standard Dynamic Range
4K 4096×2160. DCI 4K or Full 4K, a Commercial Cinema resolution
UHD 3840×2160. Ultra High Definition, a Consumer Video resolution
HD 1920×1080. aka Full HD. A Consumer Video resolution.
1080p 1920×1080. HD or Full HD, a consumer video resolution
Dolby Vision A consumer HDR delivery format
HDR10 A consumer HDR delivery format. (Not an official standard)
DeltaE A measurement of error in greyscale or color rendering
D65 A specific white point. x 0.3127, y 0.3290
EOTF Electro Optical Transfer Function. (Display side)
OETF Opto-electrical Transfer Function. (Camera side)
Gamma A generic EOTF used for SDR
BT.1886 A specific gamma based on 2.4, used in SDR
CD/M2 Candela per meter squared
Nit Metric measurement of light output equal to one cd/m2
P3 Aka DCI-P3, a Commercial Cinema color space / gamut
ST.2084 An EOTF for HDR standard from SMPTE
PQ Perceptual Quantizer, a nickname for ST.2084
CMS Color Management System
BT.709 A color space / gamut for HD SDR and UHD SDR
BT.2020 A color space / gamut for UHD SDR and UHD HDR