Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Powered Speaker Review

Vanatoo engineers Gary Gesellchen and Rick Kernen have recently updated their award-winning desktop speakers with a new powered model, the Transparent One Encore. It aims to be an affordable, high quality audiophile system that meets the needs of music enthusiasts with portability, a small footprint, big sound, and deep bass; combined with the ability to stream music from a computer or phone. Six years after the original Transparent Ones, the powered Vanatoo Transparent One Encore improves upon its predecessor in almost every way.

Vanatoo Transparent One Active (Powered) Bookshelf Speakers

The last several years have seen an explosion in digital and streamed audio - never before has it been cheaper or easier to distribute audio around ones house or apartment. From the advent of protocols like Apple's Airplay or Pandora . . . to Squeeze Box and Sonos, making our digital music accessible anywhere is almost an obsession with everyone. To help satisfy that obsession, Vanatoo offers the Transparent One Active Bookshelf Speakers, that have a digital input.