Paiste 24″ RUDE Mega Power Ride Cymbal

Paiste's RUDE cymbal line, which debuted in 1980, and went through being incorporated into several other model names, emerged again in 1999 with its own separate identity. It was developed as part of the need for a heavy cymbal line that could take a pounding and produce volume that would cut through the high output amplifier stacks that were piled on the stages for Metal band performances. It has endured over the years, and the king of this line is the 24" Mega Power Ride. It has a ping that is razor sharp and will have the guitarists trying to turn their volume knobs past the end point.

December CD Reviews for the Audiophile – Holiday Recordings to Savor – Part II

It's that time again, boys and girls. Santa, egg nog, menorahs, craziness, last-minute shopping, and empty bank accounts to ring in the New Year. You're going to need some good music to get through it all, and even more to entertain family and friends. Whatever your family situation, if you're looking for music appropriate to the holidays, you need look no further. There are some really goodies in the list of mostly new releases that follows. Enjoy!

Denon AVR-3310CI 7.1 A/V Receiver

When shopping for a receiver, most consumers either get the bargain of the week at $499 or the macho machine at $2,499. But, what about those receivers in the middle, as in $1,499. Not cheap enough for the bargain hunter, not "impressive" enough for the high end. Maybe you should take a second look. At that middle price, you can still get the hot features, but not break the bank. Here, we review Denon's AVR-3310CI which clocks in at 120 watts x 7 and decodes everything, even that new kid on the block . . . height channels.

JL Audio Fathom f112 Subwoofer

"Seriously, thanks. I haven't had anything this refreshing from audio equipment since a long, long time. This is the kind of $#^+ that makes me want to believe again. As sincerely as a junkie can get."