Paiste 18″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash Cymbal

Paiste has several styles in their Signature line. This one is an 18" Reflector Heavy Full Crash in their Signature line. I imagine it is called "Reflector" rather than "Brilliant" in terms of the finish because the lathing lines are very fine and very evenly spaced, indicating that the lathing was done by CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining which results in more of a mirror (reflection) surface than simply being shiny (brilliant).

Home Theater Movie Renter’s Guide – September, 2010

Harry Brown (Blu-ray), Good (Blu-ray), Dexter Season 4 (Blu-ray), Wolverine and the X-Men: Final Crisis Trilogy (DVD), Lost in Space (Blu-ray), MacGruber (Blu-ray), Lost Season 6 (Blu-ray), Nanny McPhee (Blu-ray), Road to Perdition (Blu-ray), The Office - Season Six (Blu-ray), The Evil Dead (Blu-ray), Se7en (Blu-ray), Clash of the Titans (Blu-ray), Crazy Heart (Blu-ray), House - Season Six (Blu-ray), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Blu-ray), Robin Hood (2010) (Blu-ray)

Mixing and Matching: The Paradigm Reference Signature C5 Center Channel Cone Speaker vs. Electrostatics

In most A/V publications, they will tell you to stick with one brand and line of speakers so that the tonality will be the same across the entire soundstage. That's true. But, if you look for neutrality in sound, you can mix and match with no problem. I have used electrostatic speakers (ESLs) in our home theater lab as a reference for years. The problem has always been the center channel. The front left and right ESL are 6 feet tall, and the center channel ESL was only 4 feet, and even then, the motorized projection screen would come down in front of it about a foot. Secondly, ESLs cannot be driven to high SPLs like cone speakers.....So, I decided to use a conventional (cone) speaker for the center channel, the new Paradigm Reference Signature C5 center channel speaker.....Was I disappointed in the results? Read our review to see.

Canton GLE 490 Floor-standing Speakers, GLE 455 Center Channel, GLE 430 Bookshelf Speakers, and AS 105 SC Subwoofer

Amidst the many dividing lines in the world of audio and video is the line between those that believe speakers must be single purpose, and those that believe speakers can be multi-purpose. The purposes in question are often music and home theater (alternatively music or home theater depending on what side of the line you are on.) A more pertinent question for this review might be: "How well Canton goes from Pure Music to surround sound in one package?"

A Collection of New Vinyl Releases – May, 2009

Now, Blitzen Trapper is a little more my speed. From the first note of their newest album, "Furr," you know that these guys are most assuredly not traveling minstrels. These guys like to rock and have a good time. They have song titles like "Fire and Fast Bullets," and "Black River Killer." They sing about shaking it on a Saturday night and their guitars are loud and appropriately distorted. They infuse elements of folk, country, soul, and more to form an original sound that never veers too far from the rock, and keeps the listener alert and on their toes until the last acoustic notes of "Lady On The Water."

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SIM2 Grows Popular DOMINO Series

Miramar, FL-July 2008-Italian manufacturer SIM2, whose striking high-performance home theater projectors are known worldwide for their pristine video, has added a new, aggressively priced model to its popular DOMINO series. SIM2 DOMINO D60 DLP front projection system delivers stunning 1080p full-HD imaging at the highly competitive $5000 US price point, where with SIM2's reputation for superb performance and unequalled style it will stand as a unique solution for discerning yet budget-conscious home theater enthusiasts.