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Optoma HD33 3D DLP Projector

In the two years since 3D displays first became commonplace, I've seen many demos; and only a few of them really impressed me. When you watch for a few minutes and you get that "gotta have it" feeling, you know you've seen something special. So far I've seen exactly zero flat panels that affected me that way. They just don't immerse the viewer the way a projector does. I've found for the 3D effect to be truly convincing, the edges of the screen have to be outside my peripheral vision. Front projection is, of course, the answer; but 3D capable models are only just now trickling down to the affordable level. The Optoma HD33 is a DLP projector with 3D capabilities and has full 1920x1080p native resolution. All for less than $1,500.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011 exceeded expectations......so many exhibitors and attendees.  Great Show!   Exhibitors filled the Denver Marriott Tech Center this past week, October 14-16.  Jim Clements, Senior Editor,  covered the show for SECRETS of Home Theater this year.  And was it busy...some very special sounds and spectacular products.  Jim's coverage includes many great names in Audio.....Linn, Legacy Audio, Harman Kardon family, Velodyne, Naim, NAD, Clarus, ClearAudio, OPPO,  Acoustic Signature, DynAudio, Emotiva, and so much more.

Wrap-up Commentary......All images are in......50 plus!!!!

The 2011 installment of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest turned out to be the tale of two technologies.  I am personally something of a generational 'tweener'.  I was born at the tail end of the Baby Boom Generation - but I'm not really a Baby Boomer and I'm not really a GenXer.  I am young enough that there was a computer in my HS math class.  I am old enough that I completely grew up on analog audio. 


Read Jim's full report and enjoy the spectacular images...

Gefen Inc.

A recognized leader in audio/video connectivity, Gefen supplies a wide selection of signal switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, KVM solutions and home theater accessories that support digital signage, education, government, residential, retail, industrial and commercial applications.

Dream Vision

Located in Paris and managed by Jean Claude YOUNES, this French company was born in 1982, being the First Company to import videoprojectors into the French Market.

MartinLogan Ethos Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers

MartinLogan has recently expanded its line to include the Ethos, which is a hybrid electrostatic speaker, meaning that it has not only an electrostatic panel, but a cone woofer. Using woofers to handle the bass is necessary in smaller electrostatic speakers because the surface area of the panel is not large enough to move much air at the lowest frequencies. In the case of the Ethos, the woofer has a built-in amplifier to drive it.

Sabian 18″ AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash Cymbal

With the high sound volume levels being used in concerts performed by today's rock groups, there is definitely a need for crash cymbals that will cut through the thousands of watts in the guitar amplifiers, not to mention an auditorium full of screaming fans. Such cymbals have to be bright with a full bodied, piercing sound. Sabian's X-Plosion crash cymbals serve this purpose. This review covers the 18" X-Plosion Fast Crash, which would be classified as a medium thin weight. The "X-Plosion Crash", which is covered in a separate review, would be equivalent to medium.

Bosphorus 18″ Traditional Jazz Crash Ride Cymbal

Bosphorus cymbals are a little hard to find, mostly because they make up part of the 10% of cymbal sales that are not Paiste, Sabian, or Zildjian ("The Big Three"). But, they are out there, you just have to look. This one is an 18", and it is classified as a jazz crash ride in the Bosphorus Traditional series, meaning that you can use it as a crash cymbal as well as a ride cymbal. So, I measured the response both ways.

A Home Theater Build Project – Part I

We all have a spare room. Well, many of us do. And those of us bitten by the A/V bug often dream about what we would do with that room. I have such a room, and six years ago embarked on a wild odyssey to build a dedicated A/V room from scratch. How could someone with limited construction skills, moderate budget, and even more limited tool selection, go about making a clean, professional looking dedicated home theater?

PSB Synchrony One Floor-Standing Speakers

Paul Barton has been in the loudspeaker game for over 35 years and his latest iteration of speakers shows that his experience has been put to good use. The Synchrony Ones are his top of the line 3-way (5 drivers) towers that use some interesting design twists. At nearly 61 pounds apiece, they make an elegant statement of curved wood and aluminum surfaces that blend together in a flawless fashion.

Mixing and Matching: The Paradigm Reference Signature C5 Center Channel Cone Speaker vs. Electrostatics

In most A/V publications, they will tell you to stick with one brand and line of speakers so that the tonality will be the same across the entire soundstage. That's true. But, if you look for neutrality in sound, you can mix and match with no problem. I have used electrostatic speakers (ESLs) in our home theater lab as a reference for years. The problem has always been the center channel. The front left and right ESL are 6 feet tall, and the center channel ESL was only 4 feet, and even then, the motorized projection screen would come down in front of it about a foot. Secondly, ESLs cannot be driven to high SPLs like cone speakers.....So, I decided to use a conventional (cone) speaker for the center channel, the new Paradigm Reference Signature C5 center channel speaker.....Was I disappointed in the results? Read our review to see.

Canton Reference 5.2 DC Floor-Standing Speakers

Back in mid-2005, I auditioned Canton's new Vento line of speakers with an entire surround package, (although the matching sub had yet to be released). I found them impeccably designed and crafted, and they sounded terrific. In this review, I take a look and listen to the Canton Reference 5.2 DC tower (floor-standing) speakers. More-terrific is what I found.