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Pono Portable Music Player Review

We've been waiting for the PonoPlayer for a long, long time. Neil Young was first pitching this thing on Letterman in 2012. The kickstarter campaign, which raised nearly 15x the initial goal of $800,000 ended on Tax Day 2014 with delivery promised by October.

HiFiMAN HM-802 Portable High Resolution Music Player Review

HiFiMAN is probably best known for their headphones and headphone amplifiers, some of which we have reviewed, but they also manufacture portable music players as an alternative to the ubiqutious iPod. The HM-802 is one of several models, including the HM-700, which is less expensive than the HM-802, and the HM-901, which is more expensive. You also have the option of having a balanced amplifier module in the player or the standard unbalanced one. In this review, I cover the model HM-802, with the standard unbalanced amplifier card, as well as with the optional balanced amp card. It plays PCM music tracks up to 24/192 and DSD64, as well as wav, flac, mp3, alac, aac, and aiff files.


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OPPO DV-983H Scores the First Perfect 100 in the Secrets DVD Player Benchmark

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. April 15, 2008 - OPPO Digital, Inc. (www.oppodigital.com), a renowned leader in up-converting DVD players, today announced that its newly launched DV-983H Universal DVD Player has received the highest recommendation from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, the online source for in-depth home theater reviews. In fact, OPPO's flagship up-converting DVD player earned the first perfect score in the Secrets DVD Player Benchmark, taking home top marks in more than twenty video decoding and processing tests. The entire review and benchmark results can be found here.