Anthem MRX 310 5.1 A/V Receiver Review

Putting together a new home theater setup? Looking to upgrade that old receiver you've had soldiering on valiantly in your a/v cabinet? Well, the home theater enthusiast should find themselves spoiled for choice these days. But I have quite a few reasons why you should check out the Anthem MRX 310 A/V Receiver with the Anthem Room Correction System.

DTS Master Audio: Question About Output Formats

Need help understanding DTS Master Audio. I have a Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray player attached to a Yamaha RX-V475 via HDMI. I have the audio on the Blu-ray player set to output unprocessed bitstream but when I play a movie, the receiver only displays DTS and not DTS MA. Is this because the receiver is only 5.1 channel and am I really getting the full lossless audio provided by DTS MA? Aside from the extra channel audio, should I set the player to output PCM and will I be getting higher audio by setting it to PCM?

- K. Mastrogiovanni
Galt, CA

Multibit DACs vs. 1 Bit DACs

Some CD players use multibit DACs (the bits are read in groups), and some use 1 bit DACs, where the bits are read one at a time. Having several DACs (one for ea...