Shure M97xE Phono Cartridge Review

If you're looking for a good quality mid-level phono cartridge to enable your dreams of vinyl nirvana (on a budget), then the Shure M97xE is definitely worth your consideration. While perhaps not the most revealing cartridge in the world, the Shure M97xE does provide a few notable features and has a sound signature that many should find to be smooth and fatigue-free. It has a particular knack for taming brighter recordings and, overall seems to be an excellent value and a solid, engaging performer.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 Show Report

 It is that time of year again in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for one of the best shows for all of us AUDIOPHILES!....The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for 2012!  I am on my way to Denver and am going to have to move quickly, to see as many of the many, many exhibitors this year at the Marriott Tech Center Hotel and other venues in Denver's Tech Center. Show report begins on Friday and continues over the check back for the latest images and info...Jim Clements, Senior Editor, SECRETS.