EQ for Analog Inputs

EQ for Analog Inputs

Question: I like using the automated EQ setup on my receivers. I also enjoy using the multi-channel audio outputs on my blu-ray player to take advantage of its DAC. But I’ve never found a receiver where the EQ will work with analog inputs. Why is that? - John K Portland, Oregon

Wyred4Sound DAC-2 AND STI-500 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Recently the external DAC has made a bit of a comeback in popularity. While they were once most commonly paired with a digital transport, now you're more likely to see them hooked up as part of a home media server. With disk space now cheap enough that anyone can keep their entire collection archived in a lossless format, and even keep a backup copy of it around, people are using their PC to serve up their audio collection. However, getting the most out of that lossless archive has been a challenge for many as most computer sound cards left much to be desired in the audio quality realm. In this review, we cover the Wyred4Sound DAC-2 and STI-500 Integrated Stereo Amplifier.

December CD Reviews for the Audiophile – Holiday Recordings to Savor – Part I

Esperanza, founded by the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia in 1987, works to “bring a sustained response of hope to the barrio.” To raise funds for their work, they've put together this Christmas compilation with performances by Marcos Witt, Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Angel Guerra, Jose Carreras, Santana, and others. Michelle Bonilla sings quite the “O Holy Night.” The sound quality of the transfers leaves something to be desired, but the joy this will bring to its target audience is great.