Introduction to In-wall Speaker Reviews

In-wall speakers are a special category of speaker designed to be mounted inside a wall cavity producing a flush appearance. Some models are open at the back and count on the wall cavity as their enclosure but because construction is unpredictable other modes have their own enclosure just like a regular speaker, only sized and shaped to fit in a wall cavity. In-Wall speakers range from low end models intended for background music to very high-fidelity models, including dedicated surround models and even in-wall sub-woofers.

In Wall Speakers

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Paradigm In-Wall speakers

Ontario, Canada – January  21, 2008 –- Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing, today added two new in-wall “LCR” speaker systems to its ever-expanding line of high-end custom install products. Unbeatable placement flexibility and premium component parts (including design and technology from the company’s award-winning freestanding Signature and Studio Series) allow SIG-LCR 5 and SA-LCR 3 to turn any wall into a dynamic performer.