Dali, a well-respected provider of high fidelity speaker systems, has released a TV soundbar, the Katch One that is a sophisticated one-piece system that will certainly enhance any flat-panel HDTV installation.

Katch One full set up

In my tests, I found the setup and overall performance to be quite good, especially given the small size of Katch One, compared to a more standard multi-speaker enclosure offering. The bass is the weak link in the Katch One, but there is a provision for an external subwoofer.


DALI Katch One Soundbar

  • Good sound
  • Easy setup
  • Wide imaging
  • Multiple inputs including Bluetooth, HDMI, analog and optical
  • 200 watts RMS amplifier power
  • Extensive remote control

DALI, (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries), started as Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain in 1983 and decided to get into the loudspeaker business to create speakers that performed well in a home environment and provide competitive pricing. The new Katch One fits well into that aspiration.

Owners of flat-panel displays have always been forced into limited choices: live with the sound of the built-in, inferior speakers, or find something that will fit nicely into a home environment using your existing audio system, or add something designed to go with a flat panel screen that improves the built-in offering.

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]:

46 – 25,000

Maximum SPL [dB]:


Crossover Frequency:

250 / 2500 Hz

Crossover Principle:

2 1⁄2-way

High frequency driver, Quantity:

2 x 21 mm

Low frequency driver, Quantity:

4 x 3.5″

Enclosure type:

Passive Radiators x 4

Max Amplifier Power Output (RMS Watt):

4 x 50

Amplifier type:

Fully digital class D

Recommended Placement:

Shelf or stand

Connection Input:

HDMI ARC, 2x Optical (TosLink) 3.5mm Mini Jack

Connection Output:

Sub out, USB Charge Output (5V/1A)

Wireless Inputs:

Bluetooth 4.0 AAC and Apt-X

Dimensions (H,W,D):

164 x 860 x 69 mm


Ivory White, Iron Black, Mountain White


3.7 kg






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The Katch One is about as wide as a 40 inch TV and is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, and looks durable. The soundbar can be set on a cabinet, or it can be wall-mounted with the dual leather straps that are included. There are also mounting holes on the back of the soundbar. The Katch One is light enough that it’s not going to bring down your wall.

Katch One straps

The Katch One features ten built-in drivers matched to a powerful 4x 50 watt RMS amplifier, making sure there is plenty of volume when your content requires it. The four large passive drivers work in unison with the four active woofers to help deliver surprising bass performance. There is also an output for an external subwoofer.

Katch One back panel

For the high and mid frequencies, there are the two 21 mm ultra-light-weight soft-dome tweeters. Together, the six active and four passive drivers offer a clean, detailed audio signal for use in a small to mid-sized room.

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The Katch One has a very wide range of connection options, including inputs for Bluetooth, analog audio, optical connections and HDMI for direct connections to your display. There are also USB connections for powering devices like an Amazon Echo. The four internal amplifiers are matched to the ten drivers and provide a total of 200 watts RMS of power. The front fabric of the Katch One is designed to be acoustically transparent.

Katch One back panel 2

The Katch One has two unique audio modes, ‘wide’ and ‘focus’ that change the sound from a more normal presentation, emphasizing dialog, to a very wide soundstage that works well with movies that have a more complex soundtrack. The Katch One is unique in that it doesn’t really need a TV. It makes a respectable standalone sound system when you need one. That’s where the extra inputs come in handy and give the Katch One increased utility.


Setup is easy. There’s one box for the system that includes the soundbar, a power cord, remote control and mounting hardware for wall mount or setting it upright on a cabinet. There is no included HDMI cable, which you are going to need to get the Katch One connected to your display.

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To get up and running, attach an HDMI cable from the ARC HDMI connector on your TV, and the other end to the HDMI input of the Katch One. Using the ARC output (all TVs have them but sometimes name them something else) your normal TV remote can control the audio from your display to the Katch One. For listening to Bluetooth, analog audio, or digital audio, you’ll need the provided remote, which provides volume control, mute, power on/off, input switching and the focus audio mode.

Katch One remote

A quick start guide is included but it lacks detail. A detailed guide is available for download from the DALI website.

In Use


Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson Trio “West Side Story”

Great sound from a vintage recording. The deepest bass was muted on the Katch One system, but the imaging was very good. Highs were sparkling, and I found the CD very listenable.


Prokofiev “Alexander Nevsky”

This CD with the St. Louis Symphony is a great test of dynamic range and imaging. The massed chorus came out clearly and without distortion.

Jennifer Warnes

Jennifer Warnes “The Best of Jennifer Warnes”

An excellent test of the female voice in a recording that is free of gimmicks. The Katch One speakers did a nice rendering of this CD and provided a lifelike presentation.


London has Fallen Blu-ray

London has Fallen Blu-ray: Not great cinema by any means, but a lively soundtrack with deep bass during explosions. The lack of surround from the Katch One system hurts this soundtrack, and deep bass was missing. With the subwoofer attached, I found the sound exciting and fulfilling.

The Caine Mutiny soundtrack

The Caine Mutiny: A mono soundtrack, and mostly dialog. Everything was clear and clean from the Katch One soundbar, and it was much better sound than my Samsung 50” TV provided from its internal speakers

Gravity video

Gravity: A terrific sound design with a lot of deep bass. The deepest bass was missing from the Katch One, but there was still some low end to savor. The soundtrack also had a compelling surround track, and that is lost with the Katch One or any soundbar.


Katch One living room view

Within the limitations I’ve stated, the DALI KATCH ONE offers good value for money. It has easy integration with your TV and remote control through the HDMI ARC interface.

  • Styling
  • Compact Size
  • Variety of inputs besides HDMI
  • Full-featured remote control induced
  • Variety of mounting options
Would Like To See
  • An optional matching subwoofer
  • Indicator lights visible from a seated position. They would be better at the front rather than on the top deck.
  • Better documentation. The quick start guide is thin on content, requiring a download of the full manual.

There is a lot to like about the Katch One soundbar. It has a very Danish, up to date design, with multiple mounting options, and input flexibility that does not tie it to being only a TV soundbar. The Katch One sounds very good for a one-piece speaker system. A buyer should not expect the frequency response or dynamic range of a larger system, but the Katch One is carefully engineered, and for all but the most challenging audio it sounds quite good. Midrange and treble are clean and without distortion, and the upper registers of the low end sound clean, they just don’t go that deep. This is not going to be a system for people looking for surround or Atmos effects, but it does extend the audio quality far beyond what built-in speakers can provide.