All of us have had to deal with cable management in our audio and home theater systems. What we usually end up with is a tangle of wires that look like a mess. There are a number of cable management systems out there, but they most often involve tubes through which you pass the cables.

D-Wings, marketed by UT-Wire, represent a completely different, and much easier to use, cable management product.

D-Wings come in two sizes, as shown in the photo above. The smaller one will hold a single AC cable or a pair of interconnects. The larger one will hold several pairs of interconnects. Need I say that you should NOT run an AC power cord along with interconnects in the same D-Wing? In fact, you can use D-Wings to hold the AC power cord at a 90° angle if it has to cross over the interconnects.

D-Wings are available in black or white, at $7.99 for a bag of 18, with both sizes in the bag, and you can buy them at Home Depot.

The Design

D-Wings are made of hard rubber and have an adhesive back. First, you decide where you need to place them, and then you peel the adhesive cover off the back, stick them on the wall, base of the floor, molding along the floor or ceiling, etc. Then you simply push the cables through the slot at the top of the D-Wing, and that’s it. No mess, no fuss. No screws, no clamps, no tools required.

In Use

I had a cable problem with a pair of speakers in my living room. The equipment rack is on one side against the wall, near the left speaker, and the right speaker is across the room. I originally ran the right speaker cable along the floor underneath where the flooring overhangs the atrium floor which consists of 12″ ceramic tile. The cables were out of the way, but eventually, they would slide away from the overhang and sit on the floor, very visibly, and could be stepped on.

I used four D-Wings to correct the problem.

Here is the first D-Wing, which controls the speaker cable as it goes from the right channel speaker to the base of the overhang.


The next photo shows the rest of the D-Wings, holding the speaker cable off the tile floor, and underneath the overhang, where it is completely out of the way . . . permanently.


Out of all the cable management systems I have ever encountered, the D-Wings are the easiest to use. They work perfectly, are practically invisible, and they are inexpensive. Get some and see for yourself.