Introduction to Preamplifier Reviews

You are going to need a quality preamplifier if you choose to go with separates for your hi fi system. This is a good choice for those who want to try out different amps or if you want to start out with a lower powered amp and then have an upgrade path to a bigger amp in the future. Preamplifiers can range all the way from simple passive designs that may be nothing more than a simple potentiometer all the way to very complex designs that feature internal DAC's, Bluetooth, WiFi, video processing, video switching, etc. Some preamplifiers include digital file playback capability from PC's, MAC's, external hard drives or wirelessly over your home network. This product category is advancing at the speed of social media and you can rely on Secrets to help guide you to the ideal choice for your needs. To top it all off, our independent bench tests give you guidance in so far as which products deliver the goods and which should just be avoided.


McIntosh D1100 2-Channel Digital Preamplifier Review

I know many audiophiles who have ditched their analog-based music setups and gone strictly digital. Whether that means entirely computer-based (be that MAC or PC), network-attached storage (NAS)-based, large racks of round plastic discs (CDs), or a combination of the above, these folks no longer use a single analog-based device. Their music lies entirely within the realm of zeros and ones. It is for this customer that McIntosh has designed their new D1100 2-Channel Digital Preamplifier.

Bryston BP17 Stereo Preamplifier

Bryston is the only high-end audio company I know of that offers a 20 year warranty on its products. They manufacture some very expensive preamps and power amps, but even the least expensive product carries that warranty. Why? Because they have massive build quality. The BP17 stereo preamplifier exemplifies that approach, and it is in the middle of their preamplifier line-up, which includes the BP6 and BP26.

Funk LAP-2.V3 Preamplifier

It is becoming increasingly popular for high end audio buffs to use pro studio gear in their home systems. This preamp from a German manufacturer that makes pro gear is in keeping with this trend. As a matter of fact...