Resolving Audio Dropouts, what to do?

Resolving Audio Dropouts, what to do

What do you recommend to resolve audio dropouts on my denon avrx1100w? Whatever I watch, the audio drops out for a second sporadically. I use this receiver with totem acoustic rainmakers and pioneer bookshelf speakers.

– Francesco Barbara
New York, NY

To troubleshoot the audio dropouts, it helps to determine when you experience the problem. For example, does it happen only when watching television when using a cable box or satellite receiver? Is it only happening when using a Blu-ray or DVD player? Or is it happening with all source device in your system? Once you know this, check the Denon web site and make sure your receiver is running the latest firmware. If it is not, upgrade the firmware and see if the issue is resolved. If the problem occurs with just one source device, then look at how the device is connected. Is the source device running the latest firmware? If the problem occurs only with an HDMI source, consider swapping the HDMI cable and see if that helps. You can also try connecting the source with an optical or coaxial digital cable and see if the problem goes away. Quite often this type of issue is firmware related, so definitely check that first.