Whole-house or Multi-zone audio

High Resolution Audio

I'm curious to get a sense of where our readers stand on the subject of high res audio...
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Whole-house or Multi-zone audio

Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio

It seems, most of us neither have the space, resources or the desire for a dedicated audio room. In fact I’d venture to say most households don’t have audio systems...
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Room correction

Room Correction

Once upon a time and long before digital signal processing audiophiles had to work really hard to get the best sound from their systems...
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Room correction


At the 2015 CEDIA Expo and 2016 CES we saw a lot of buzz about HDR. We even published an article about it last summer...
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SECRETS Home Theater Q&A

Moving Magnet vs Moving Coil

I bought a new turntable but am still trying to decide on the cartridge. Should I get a moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) cartridge? What price range should I consider assuming I have mid-priced components in my audio system?

- Tony M
Phoenix, AR

Speakers with No Box Enclosure

I heard some speakers at a local HiFi show and they were mounted on a single board with no box enclosure, so you could look behind the board and see all of the speakers, wiring, and cross over network. What is supposed to be the desired effect of mounting them this way?

- Steve G
Atlanta, GA

UltraHD: Can we see the benefits?

There seems to be some confusion as to whether the UHD resolution will be observable with screens 65 and under from realistic viewing distances due to human eye limitations. Is this true? Will the REC. 2020 wider color gamut have a greater impact on the average home viewer?

- Richard A.
Chicago, IL