I currently have a 7.1 setup with Denon AVR-3313CI receiver and Infinity Primus speaker set (P363, PC351, P153). Recently I have decided to sell/trade in my Infinity set, and replace it with either a KEF LS50 or Goldenear Triton Seven setup. Although I will primarily use these speakers for my two channel stereo music, I also often watch Blu-ray movies with surround sounds.

Now, if I go with Goldenear Triton Sevens for my fronts, I can match them with SuperCenter XL center and Aon2 surrounds. On the other hand, KEF does not provide any other center or surround channel speaker for their LS50 line (in which case, I am thinking of buying two pairs of LS50s).

I can’t decide. Is there any suggestion or recommendation you can give? I would highly appreciate it. Also, can I use a floor-standing speaker as a center channel (for example, use one Triton seven instead of a SuperCenter XL)?

– Abul M.
Ontario, CA

First of all, you are looking at two excellent speaker setups. You can’t go wrong either way.

In an ideal surround sound setup, all speakers would be identical. This would create a truly seamless surround field with perfectly matched tone and timbre all the way around. If I had the space, I would personally have seven identical full-range towers in my media room. Alas, most people can’t fit towers all over the room (or afford them), but if you can have identical speakers across at least the front of the sound stage (left, right, and center channels) you will experience incredibly cohesive sound. Then try to pick surround speakers from the same manufacturer (preferably the same line) with identical or similar drivers to get the best overall system cohesion if you can’t have identical speakers all around.

Using identical KEF LS50s for front, center and surround channels would make for a great system, although you will need to add a subwoofer to get full-range sound. You could inquire with your KEF dealer if there is the possibility of ordering a single LS50 for center channel use. Some speaker manufacturers are willing to split a pair of speakers for customers such as yourself.

If you prefer the Goldenear Triton Seven route, you absolutely could use a Triton Seven as your center channel if you can fit it. This would give you an amazing soundstage across your front channels. While I do not know if you are using a flat-panel or front-projection setup, just be sure to avoid “blocking” the center channel’s sound with your display or projection screen. Again, have your dealer contact Goldenear to see if they would be willing to sell you a single Triton Seven for center-channel use. The SuperCenter XL is a great center channel if you require a horizontally arrayed center-channel. You could then use Aon2s or one of the SuperSat models for surround use (or for a really rocking system – more Triton Sevens!). A subwoofer is optional due to the lower bass response of the Triton Sevens as opposed to the LS50s though I would still add one to ensure that I was getting that bottom octave of bass response.

As to which of these two systems is right for you, my best advice would be to listen to both the Triton Sevens and LS50s in stereo mode to see which speakers’ sound you prefer. An in-home demo on your equipment would be the best route if you can find a dealer willing to do that. A Triton Seven won’t really take up much more floor space than an LS50 with the appropriate stand, so I don’t think that would be a deciding factor for you.