Audio-Technica Alley Is Your Pathway to New Pure Digital Drive Headphones, Turntables, High-End Headphone Amps and More at AXPONA 2017

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Walk this way! We invite you to take a stroll down Audio-Technica Alley at AXPONA 2017. Audio-Technica will be exhibiting a wide selection of high-performance headphones, turntables and more including the following:


Winner of a CES 2017 Innovation Honoree award, the ATH-DSR9BT, and the new ATH-DSR7BT (US$549.00 and US$299.00) are the first headphones with Bluetooth® wireless technology to employ Audio-Technica’s new Pure Digital Drive system, which keeps the audio signal completely digital from source to driver to offer never before-available wireless headphone sound quality.


Audio-Technica’s AT-HA5050H Hybrid Headphone Amplifier is an all-out hybrid tube/transistor unit designed to bring out the best from every headphone.

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This US$5,999.00 headphone amp features eight headphone jacks with four different output impedances, analog and digital inputs compatible up to PCM 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD128, premium internal parts and other features.


The ATH-A2000Z Art Monitor® Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones incorporate a host of upgrades to offer exquisite Hi-Res Audio reproduction. The ATH-A2000Z’s hand-assembled drivers, exclusive Double Air Damping System, titanium driver housings and other refinements provide natural, immersive vocal and instrumental reproduction with extended 5 – 45,000 Hz frequency response (US$649.00).


The stunning ATH-W1000Z (US$699.95) employs large-diameter Permendur-magnet drivers, magnesium-alloy baffles, Audio-Technica’s Double Air Damping System and other refinements to deliver extraordinary Hi-Res Audio reproduction. Its beautifully crafted teak wood housings provide elegant visual appeal along with sonic benefits.


The new AT-LP3 Direct Drive Turntable (US$279.00) combines outstanding sound with elegant design and advanced features. It comes with Audio-Technica’s AT91R Dual Moving Magnet cartridge and features a built-in switchable moving magnet/moving coil phono preamp. It’s available in black or white to complement any audio system and home décor.