Vanatoo wins Stereo Mojo Editor’s Choice “Maximum Mojo Award”

Vanatoo wins rare Editor’s Choice award for high quality affordable audio.

SEATTLE, WA – Vanatoo Corporation, the maker of elegant, compact, and affordable powered loudspeakers that reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, is pleased to announce that the Transparent One powered speaker has won the Editor’s Choice “Maximum Mojo Award”. The status was awarded by Stereo Mojo, one of the leading online publications for audiophiles and music lovers of all sorts. Stereo Mojo scours the market for the best in innovative and affordable high-end audio, and “discovered” Vanatoo at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

The primary reviewer, Michael Zisserson, said of the Transparent One: “After spending five days listening for four hours a day to mostly well recorded jazz and blues I was really starting to grow some affection for these lil’ guys. Their resolving power was extremely impressive and they were neutral in tonality almost to a fault. Sonically they remind me of any high precision speaker which normally presents itself as boring, but for $499 to start and being so compact with everything you could ever need is actually very impressive.“

Vanatoo co-founder Gary Gesellchen said “Stereo Mojo does a great job of bringing the best in affordable high-end audio to its readers, and we are very proud to have received the Maximum Mojo Award. Stereo Mojo recognized the hard work and multiple detailed design decisions that went into making the Transparent One an award winner, and we are grateful for them taking the time to understand the uniqueness of the product.”


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Gary Gesellchen – Vanatoo Corporation
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