Mary Cardas Wires Up With Ultralink/XLO

Mary, the most wired audiophile in the business, brings more than 15 years of experience to the fray. Moving back in time, Mary was the North American Sales Manager for NHT, the Western Regional Sales Manager for Sunfire, National Sales Manager with Theta Digital, as well as International Sales Manager for AudioQuest. Mary started her career as Managing Director of Cardas Audio, another manufacturer of premier cable and wire founded by proud father George Cardas. Mary’s done it all: Sales, distribution, marketing, strategic planning, consumer service, and sales training.

Mary, never one to split hairs, declares, “I’m really looking forward to working with Ultralink/XLO. Lily and Allen Sung lead a terrific team including Sales Director Randy Bingham and PR man Jonathan Scull who will concentrate on XLO and our exciting new cable line to be introduced soon. Jim Noyd continues on with parent brand Ultralink. We’re going keep the company growing with fresh, inventive products, improved operations and consumer relations. Stay tuned, it’s going to get hot!”

Allen Sung, President of Ultralink/XLO, enthuses: “Mary brings with her a complete toolkit of business skills allowing us to establish ULTRALINK and XLO™ as the brand names in high-end, high-definition audio and video.”

Mary Cardas begins on May 1st at the Ontario, CA office.