T.H.E. Show at CEDIA – Piero Gabucci – September 9, 2008

 “T.H.E. Show” has for the last couple of years taken space near CEDIA very much as they have each year in Las Vegas for CES. Although not very large at all and predominately known as a 2-channel show, this year it was held at the Denver Athletic Club a mere two blocks from the convention center.

A modest show with 3 rooms it included; Martin Logan, Magnepan, Audio Research, Professional Home Cinema, 3LCD, Stewart Filmscreens, Ayre Acoustics, and more.

At the time of my arrival the Magnapan room shared with Audio Research was unavailable with a photo shoot which left the Martin Logan/Ayre Acoustics/ASC room my first demo and what a delight. Martin Logan’s new CLX electrostatic speakers which start around $20,000/pair, visually dominated the space painted in bright red.

The CLX is a 57” curvilinear line source with a double diaphragm. They delivered delicate, clean and a rich dynamics, all through some awesome components from Ayre including a pair of MX-R mono amplifiers. The highly respected C-5xe universal player and the new K-1 preamplifier delivered an elegant presentation.

I walked into a full-throttle surround sound demonstration with PHC, Professional Home Cinema rocking the room. Ironically enough, they are known for some very large hulking speakers that look and sound like they could easily fill a commercial theater. Thousands of watts of power and a beautiful picture care of a Digital Projection on a Stewart Filmscreen showed the absolute best a home theater can sound.

Attendance overall at CEDIA this year was down but exhibitors at T.H.E. Show were enthusiastic about the crowds filling their rooms and anticipate it growing, so look for them in Atlanta next year!