The Lotus Group Announces the introduction of the SMc VRE-1B Preamplifier

Enough upgrades have been incorporated into Steve McCormack’s VRE-1 preamplifier that a new model designation is called for. Therefore today we are proud to announce the release of the VRE-1B – a preamplifier that is destined to be regarded as a pivotal assault on the highest reaches of music reproduction.

New features include: new wiring, new resistors, brand new XLR jacks from Cardas, a new output transformer, the inclusion of Stillpoints internal standoffs under the circuit boards in both the audio circuit and power supply, and new Corian control knobs. All VRE-1 preamplifiers are upgradeable to VRE-1B status. The Lotus Group welcomes inquiries from qualified dealers and overseas distributors.