The Crescent Dares to Step Out of the (Speaker) Box

The Crescent Smart Speaker

San Diego, Calif. (January 2, 2020) – Upstart Cleer Audio is stepping away from the monotonous design that has dominated the form factor of the modern smart speaker landscape, instead creating a device that compliments and blends into your home interior design, serving as an accent piece as well as a sound system. The sleek and considerate shape are an interior designer’s dream and make this speaker something worth hearing and seeing. With a linear array of eight custom 40mm full-range drivers and two 3.3” subwoofers, the Crescent is emblematic of the premiere audio experience that Cleer is making their name on. Its use of Dysonics’ (a member of the Intel Capital portfolio of companies) SoundShaping™ software marries exceptional industrial design and engineering with the latest technology for a customizable listening experience.

“We knew we wanted to challenge the prevailing notion that home speakers should be clunky towers or boxy sound bars,” says Patrick Huang, CEO of Cleer Audio. “Music is such an integral part to the warmth of our home, we wanted the aesthetics of our smart speaker to provide the same emotion when you look at it that we get when we put on a favorite album.”

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“For many years, speakers in the home wouldn’t blend into their environment and would stick out in a non-attractive way.” Said Alex Arie, Vice President of Design at Cleer Inc. “Because consumers shouldn’t have to settle for basic looking audio, we designed this speaker to not only optimize the listening experience but the aesthetics of the home. Crescent is an emotional expression of our love of both design and music.”

Designed to work with the new Cleer + App to allow users to fully customize their EQ, the Crescent’s sound technology can also be personalized using custom audio modes for specific listening scenarios. For an immersive listening experience, Wide Stereo Mode mimics a the sonic ambiance of a large orchestral performance, creating a soundstage from the stereo for far field and near field listening, like sitting in a room with hi-fi audio setup; Room Filling Mode evenly disperses sound throughout a room, perfect for a party situation; and most intimately, 3D Immersive Mode, uses cutting edge beamforming technology from Dysonics to focus the sound toward a single location, creating the ultimate sweet spot and allowing for the best possible sound experience, like being in the movie or gaming scene.

Perry Teevens, CEO of Dysonics added, “Dysonics spatial audio involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. Now sounds can come from every direction, greatly enhancing the listener experience. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating experience that we call SoundShaping™. We are pleased at how Cleer’s engineering team has been able to capitalize on our technology with their linear speaker array and special driver housing to create a next generation home speaker.”

The Crescent Smart Speaker In Use

Equipped with a Voice Assistant, the Crescent incorporates an optimized mic array with noise-rejection technology for superior far-field voice recognition. The Crescent also supports Hi-Res digital audio formats and streaming from Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, AAC, FLAC, WMA and Apple Lossless, and Chromecast. With Wifi, a 3.5mm Aux, RJ25 and optical inputs, it also easily supports additional audio sources.

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Its truly showstopping design was intended to harmonize with its surroundings, whether it is placed in a non-traditional or traditional spot in the home. A speaker grille with an acoustic constructed structure and a reinforced speaker cabinet with glass fiber ribs for reduced vibrations and sonic resonance.

Crescent will be available for $599.99 in August 2020 at, authorized retailers as well as You may also find the Crescent at CES, January 7-10 at booth 16720, Central Hall.

Cleer AudioAbout Cleer Audio

Established in 2012, Cleer Audio offers award-winning high-performance headphones and smart speakers unbound by the shackles of conventional thinking, that allows users to discover freedom through unparalleled audio. Cleer believes in elevating and transforming every experience through sound, creating with intention, anticipating the consumer’s needs before they’re even recognized. Cleer is devoted to pioneering breakthrough, award-winning audio technologies with uncompromising performance.

DysonicsAbout Dysonics

Dysonics is an advanced audio technology company that produces market-leading technologies for 3D audio capture. Dysonics develops immersive smart audio platform technology created to make devices simply sound better, be more intuitive, and provide directional SoundShaping™ experiences. Spun out of an industry-leading spatial audio research laboratory, Dysonics continues to bring innovative research and products to a wide variety of markets. With investors ranging from Intel to Shure, Dysonics is focused on creating disruptive audio technologies for PC / Mobile devices, broadcasting, teleconferencing, and automotive.