Screen Research Launches Innovative Configurator Tool

Nantes, France – August 28, 2009 – Screen Research announced the launch of its new online Screen Configurator Tool. This gives integrators and dealers a comprehensive, streamlined process for designing, specifying and ordering screens to fit every install. They can now define a screen model, native image ratio and size, screen fabric, motor control system and any available options through an intuitive, easy-to-use, automated process.

  • Innovative and intuitive, automated process offers comprehensive information on every Screen Research projection screen, giving integrators everything they need to ensure the perfect screen for any space
  • Future-proof data engine ensures that product information is always up to date
  • Home Theater Screen Calculator provides optimal screen size, seating charts and light requirements for a given space
  • Fail-safe design allows integrators to choose options that are compatible with selected screen and notifies the user if changes occur in specifications
  • Full drawings of each project available in PDF form show the integrator the full specifications and installation process and can be distributed easily by email to all members of the project team.
  • Ability to save up to 25 projects per user, allowing integrators to reuse and modify existing projects for future use

Full Release

With the new Configurator Tool, integrators gain access to everything needed to ensure the perfect screen for a particular space. Comprehensive information and specifications on products, accessories and downloadable user guides are available for all Screen Research products, and the tool’s future-proof data engine ensures that all information is always up to date.

Integrators simply enter the size of a room, and the tool’s Home Theater Screen Calculator provides the optimal screen size, as well as seating charts and light requirements for the optimal viewing. The tool automatically selects the proper accessories and motor control systems to ship with the product, and informs the integrator of other available options.

To avoid errors, the Configurator only allows users to select options that are compatible with a selected screen. A progress bar allows installers to see where they are in the process, and easily go back to make desired changes; there is never a need to delete a project and start again. If any chosen option changes the original specification, the Configurator notifies the integrator and prompts them to confirm that the new specifications are suitable for their install.

The Configurator generates full drawings for each project. Once a screen is configured and all options are chosen, the integrator receives a final PDF of the designed screen, including all specification drawings and installation information. The PDF can be instantly emailed to Screen Research to quickly and easily process a purchase order or quote request, or sent to project managers or customers. Any user can save up to 25 designs for future use.

Integrators who used Screen Research’s previous configuration tool do not need to re-register. All current user information will be transferred to the new Configurator. From today’s launch date, all product orders, quotes and custom requests will be submitted through the Configurator.

The new Configuration Tool is currently live on the Screen Research website.