RSL Speaker Systems Announces New Speaker Line. Exclusive Compression GuideTM Technology achieves high end performance at remarkably low prices.

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FOR RELEASE   Thursday January 27, 2011

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RSL Speaker Systems Announces New Speaker Line. Exclusive Compression GuideTM Technology achieves high end performance at remarkably low prices.
The line consists of three new models. The RSL CG4 is a compact 2 way Compression GuideTM speaker that can be used along with a subwoofer in a home theater or in an audiophile quality stereo system. The RSL Speedwoofer 10 is a subwoofer featuring Compression GuideTM Technology that allows it to have a faster transient response than most subwoofers. The result is a more natural integration of the subwoofer into the home theater or stereo system. Compression GuideTM also allows the Speedwoofer 10 to provide the deep bass response normally associated with much larger subwoofers. The RSL Speedwoofer 10 features wireless remote control of volume and crossover frequency along with a beefy, fully analog class A/B amplifier conservatively rated at 375 watts RMS.
The third model is the RSL CG 24 Monitor. This is a relatively compact speaker that also features Compression GuideTM Technology. It is the latest in the long line of RSL Studio Monitors that have achieved notoriety in the recording and broadcast industries. It is designed to be ideal either as a studio monitor, when used with the RSL Speedwoofer 10 or as a center channel to complement the RSL CG4s in a home theater system. All models also feature high-gloss black piano finished cabinets.
Compression Guide Technology is a different approach to speaker tuning, which dramatically increases the clarity of the voices and instruments as well as improving the soundstage (the company’s slogan is, “Hear outside the box”). It also results in significant bass extension with less boominess and overhang.
According to RSL’s President Howard Rodgers, “While there may be dozens of fine speaker brands available today, RSL’s new line is a superior value when judged by price versus sonic performance. We offer speaker sound quality that we’re certain will impress picky audiophiles, at prices much lower than those currently found in the high end market.”
Rodgers attributes this to their exclusive Compression Guide Technology, RSL’s 40 years of speaker manufacturing experience, the use of high quality parts, and direct prices. RSL Speakers are available directly from their website
Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Southern California audio fans were familiar with RSL Speakers sold at Rogersound Labs audio/video stores throughout the area. During those decades, RSL was one of the best selling brands in the area. The RSL Studio Monitors were a familiar sight in many of the L.A.’s recording studios and radio stations and were owned by many of LA’s top musicians. They still have a loyal following. RSL speakers stood for high quality and great sound at reasonable, factory-direct prices.
All RSL speakers come with a 30 day satisfaction money back guaranty. RSL will even pay shipping both ways so that customers will wind up paying nothing to try them, if not completely delighted.