Press Release of the new Carmel by YG Acoustics

YG Acoustics is Proud to Announce the Carmel!

In times when “manufacturing efficiency” of all-aluminum speakers is a hot topic, YG Acoustics makes it all seem like “yesterday’s news” by offering superior technology at more competitive prices.  YG Acoustics has been producing fully machined all-aluminum speakers for nearly 8 years now.  Introducing Carmel:

At $18k, the new Carmel not only boasts a fully-CNC-machined all-aircraft-aluminum enclosure, but also offers technological features not found in other more expensive speakers.  The Carmel not only represents the current industry standard of machining efficiency but provides the benchmark for sound quality, that YG Acoustics is famous for, in a new price category.

These include 4-axis milling technology (instead of the common 3 axes), precision-CNC-ground and hardened enclosure panels, and double the machining accuracy (YG Acoustics’ tolerance is +/-0.0008”).

The new Carmel is a floor standing, passive, 2-way speaker utilizing a 7 inch woofer and the tweeter from YG Acoustics’ Kipod loudspeaker.  The Carmel was created using YG Acoustics’ proprietary Dual Coherence crossover technology.  The crossover uses the same ultra high quality Mundorf crossover components as all YG Acoustics designs.  Frequency response is specified as 35 Hz to 40 kHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Come experience this new technological breakthrough, which brings new meaning to the term “value” in ultra-high-end audio, at CES 2010!  Photos will be released only after unveiling.  Come see the unveiling of the new Carmel loudspeaker by YG Acoustics.

Venetian Hotel Meeting Rooms (a.k.a. Venetian Convention Center), room “Titian 2201B”, January 7th-10th, 2010.

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