Paradigm On-ear Headphones Now Shipping

Two models to choose from, one with proprietary noise-cancelling algorithms, both delivering the award winning sound of Paradigm speakers in a more private listening experience.

Toronto, ON – June 12, 2013 – Paradigm Electronics Inc. an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing announces its H15NC and H15 on-ear headphones, part of the SHIFT Series. With 30 years of sound research, development and manufacturing behind it, the Paradigm brand is synonymous with high quality audio at a value price. These on-ear headphones deliver the award-winning sound quality of Paradigm speakers and include a number of proprietary sound innovations. H15NC Active Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce engine noise from planes, trains and automobiles. Both headphones deliver the full audio spectrum to the ear with unbelievable clarity and perfect tonal balance. With in-line remote and microphone, they are compatible with Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads, as well as most mp3 players, smart phones, laptops, PCs and home stereo equipment.

Unlike most other speaker and headphone manufacturers, Paradigm has its own audio research and development facility, complete with a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber for taking accurate sound measurements. The company has multiple double-blind listening rooms used to test every product. Its unique understanding of what makes a speaker sound magical in a listening room is applied to the design of their on-ear headphones. In the course of the design, Paradigm designers employ an advanced Bruel and Kjaer Head and Torso Simulator (affectionately named Angelina) that acts as a human simulator, measuring sonic properties and the effect of sound on the ear, while helping with ergonomic design and perfecting frequency response.

H15NC headphones feature a proprietary active supra-aural noise cancelling technology. Its dual microphone design uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to deliver a completely silent and distortion-free noise floor. The H15NC’s onboard user interface with LED indicators allows easy access to the Noise Cancellation feature. Supple breathable leather earcups (H15NC) with Comfort-Tilt™ adjustments and unique Flexi-Point™ sliding adjustable headband on both models were purpose designed and rigorously tested for comfortable extended listening.



Headphone Features (both models unless otherwise stated):

  • Quality aluminum and composite construction;
  • 40-mm mylar drivers with15-mm voice coils and powerful neodymium magnet structures;
  • In-line remote and microphone: take calls, change tracks and adjust volume via the remote;
  • Supple, breathable protein leather earcups (H15NC);
  • Soft synthetic leather earcups (H15);
  • Comfort-Tilt™ adjustment on earcups;
  • Unique Flexi-Point™ adjustable sliding headband accommodates a variety of head sizes;
  • Detachable cable;
  • Gold-plated, right-angled 1/8? 4-conductor plugs;
  • Flat folding design that allows for easy storage;
  • Padded travel case (H15NC);
  • Travel pouch (H15).


Paradigm has been setting the standard for high-performance audio for so many years it should come as no surprise that they’ve turned their attention to fine-tuning this more private listening experience. And who better to serve that market niche than a company that has been winning awards for sound innovation for 30 years. Private listening has just taken a front seat with Paradigm sound quality at the helm. “We’ve taken every possible step to ensure our on-ear headphones deliver an intensely realistic listening experience in the over-crowded, over-hyped world of personal audio,” said Mark Aling, Senior Director of Marketing for Paradigm. “On-ear headphones should deliver all of the sonic clarity, richness and depth of freestanding speakers. Wearing our on-ear headphones is the equivalent of having your own private Paradigm listening room. When travelling, say on a plane, the H15NC’s are not only going to reduce annoying engine noise, they’re also going to deliver an intense listening experience that will make long flights far more enjoyable. Considering the amount of research and expertise put into performance, aesthetics and comfort, these headphones will quickly earn their place as an elite yet affordable product, inspiring a new generation of audio enthusiasts through their sound quality.”

The H15NC and H15 are now available from select Paradigm Dealers throughout North America and also direct from the Paradigm SHIFT website:

H15NC is $299 FMV and H15 is $199 FMV.



Drivers: 40-mm mylar drivers with 15- mm voice coils and neodymium magnet structures.
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 106 dB
Impedance: 32 ohms ANC off / 105 ohms ANC on
Maximum Input Power: 15mW


Drivers: 40-mm mylar drivers with 15-mm voice coils and neodymium magnet structures.
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 106 dB
Impedance: 32 ohms
Maximum Input Power: 15mW

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