Six of the new offerings are from the company’s new SHIFT Series and a stunning Limited Edition 30th Anniversary series celebrates Paradigm’s successful 30 years in the industry.

Toronto, Canada – Sept. 17th, 2012 – Paradigm Electronics Inc. an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing is preparing to launch six hot new products in its SHIFT Series and a stunning Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Series from its traditional Paradigm lineup that includes a floor standing speaker and a bookshelf/stand-mounted offering.

Each of the new products showcased at CEDIA in early September and garnered a fair share of media attention over the three days. Multiple ads for the new SHIFT offerings were run in the CEDIA Daily news and a comprehensive, upbeat urban advertising campaign tagged “The Official Sound of You” is currently being used to launch each new SHIFT product. Paradigm is broadening their product base and at the same time, broadening the horizons of a new generation hooked on digital media. The bottom line for Paradigm? Audio should sound as good as it looks. The company is making it its mandate to demonstrate that not only does good sound matter, it’s also achievable despite today’s more portable, casual audio formats — formats already solidly entrenched in today’s lifestyles. The high-performance MilleniaCT 2.1 audio/multimedia system is slated to appear for sale on the Apple Store website next week. This system will also be made available to those Paradigm Dealers who include the company’s SHIFT Series products in their mix.

In the meantime, the floor standing Tribute speaker and bookshelf/stand-mounted Inspiration make up the company’s new Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Series. These two offerings showcase Paradigm’s history of groundbreaking sound innovation. Their eye-catching aesthetics reveal just how far the company has also come in aesthetic presentation. The Tribute debuted at CEDIA and wowed everyone with its exquisite voice. Paradigm is once again preparing to showcase the voice of the Tribute at the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) later this month. This series will be a true limited edition. Once sold out, there will be no additional production. The finish for this Series is an exotic hand-polished Dark Garnet Gloss.

CEDIA Product Showcase for Paradigm and SHIFT Series products

For more detailed information on all products that Paradigm showcased at CEDIA please go to to download individual press releases.

What Was Showcased at CEDIA?

From the Traditional Paradigm Lineup:

Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Series: Floor standing Tribute and Bookshelf sized Inspiration speakers.

From the SHIFT Series:

MilleniaOne CT:  2.1 Audio/Multimedia System. Reference product. Ideal for Apple TV and Airport Express.

Millenia CT:  2.1 Audio/Multimedia System. High-performance product. Ideal for Apple TV and Airport Express.

AERA: Airplay Speaker System. Made for Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Soundtrack System: a soundbar and wireless subwoofer.

H15NC Noise Cancelling and H15 On-Ear Headphones: In-line remote and microphone.

New look. New feel. New categories. If you haven’t seen Paradigm’s revamped SHIFT Series website lately, it’s time to take a look at More information about Paradigm can be found at


Innovative design, advanced materials, in-house manufacturing and state-of-the-art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in loudspeaker design. With more than 300 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to staying at the leading edge of speaker technology, consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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