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Periodic Audio Goes Back to the Future

NY—Periodic Audio is thrilled to celebrate their first anniversary at CanJam 2018. After a highly successful first year that saw launches of their trio of in-ear monitor (IEM) headphones—the Be, Ti, and Mg—Periodic Audio returns to their Big Apple to launch the first amplifier product, the Nickel (Ni) portable amplifier.

Tributaries Next-Gen HDMI Cables Tributaries UHDT Series of certified 18G HDMI cables

Tributaries is proud to announce the UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. As more video content with HDR, Deep Color, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and 60fps becomes available, the requirement for 18Gbps HDMI cables, especially cables longer than of 4m (13ft), capable of fulfilling the promise of HDMI v2.0 becomes critical. Tributaries UHDT Titan Series will fulfill that promise.

NAD Upgrades & Expands Masters M17 V2 AV PrePro

NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, unveiled a new and improved Masters Series Surround Sound AV Preamp Processor that brings an even higher level of dramatic impact and performance to advanced Home Theatres.

NAD Announces Two New MDC Audio Modules MDC AM 17 and MDC AM 230

NAD Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home audio and video products, announced two new performance audio modules for their Modular Design Construction portfolio. The MDC AM 17 Audio Module (€769 / £649 / $699 U.S. MSRP) is designed as an upgrade for the company’s Masters M17 PrePro while the MDC AM 230 (€629 / £599 / $549 U.S. MSRP) partners with the NAD T 758, T 777, T 787 AVRs and T 187 and M15HD AV Preamp Processors.

Bryston and StormAudio Announce Collaboration

Bryston has announced that they will be working in collaboration with StormAudio, a premium audio hardware manufacturer based in France, enabling both companies to leverage their respective design and manufacturing expertise in an array of new product offerings.