NewClear Audio NC1000L Amplifier / Industry News / Press Release

After several years of work we are introducing our power amp, the NewClear Audio NC1000L. This stereo (dual mono) amp is rated at 500 w/ch into 8 Ohms and 1000 w/ch into 4 Ohms using the B&O ICEpower modules and a very special Lundahl input transformer. When we were developing these, they replaced my Krell FPD-700cx driving Wilson MAXX II. Quite a change from a $14,000/186 lbs/700W Class A amp!

You may be interested in this as a brief in your publication, and we would be glad to submit the NC1000L for review.

The introductory pricing is $2600, which is quite a bargain for the sonics. We just took a Pass Labs X350 amp in on trade for one.

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Sean Brady
NewClear Audio

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