A New Dedicated CD Player

High resolution downloads have certainly elevated the performance of digital audio, but we shouldn’t be so quick to write off the familiar CD. It remains a format that can provide astonishingly satisfying audio quality without the fuss of turntables or music servers.

The new BCD-3 has one job – to play your CDs with incredible accuracy. We do this by lifting the DAC section from our award winning BDA-3, adding a transport mechanism designed specifically for CD playback only and synchronizing them with a single high precision master clock that operates at an integer multiple of the 44.1kHz clock frequency of CD to reduce jitter to practically nil. No universal disc player can boast this purist approach to CD playback.

Hear your CDs at their very best with Bryston’s new BCD-3. We’re shipping now!
Formats: Redbook CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Outputs: Balanced (XLR) Single Ended (RCA)
Transport: Metal tray. fully synchronized to DACs
Control: IR (BR-2 compatible), RS232, TCP/IP
Display: OLED available in Green or Blue
Warranty: 3 Years