Mytek’s New Brooklyn USB 2.0 DAC/Preamplifier/Headphone Amplifier Features High-Resolution PCM and DSD Playback, MQA Decoding, MM/MC Phono Inputs, and Balanced Headphone Outputs.

2016 CES and Brooklyn, NY, January 6, 2016 — Mytek Digital’s affordable new hometown-namesake Digital-to-Analog converter, linestage, and headphone amplifier, the “Brooklyn,” is now shipping. (US MSRP $1,995)

In terms of formats and functionality (as well as sound quality in its price tier), Mytek’s Brooklyn leads the field. The Brooklyn Dodgers of old would be proud!

Says Michał Jurewicz, Founder and President of Mytek Digital: “The Brooklyn DAC is one of the world’s first stand-alone, high-performance DAC with MQA® technology. It’s a new design from the ground up, with a brand new 32bit/384k USB Class2, driverless on Mac and all Linux streamers, and offers superior sound thanks to the new generation Sabre chipset. It’s ready for upcoming hi-res MQA streaming (up to 384kHz), and it plays all digital formats including DSD256, with a theoretical dynamic range of 130dB. The Brooklyn also offers high-quality analog input stages (both line-level and MM/MC phono), and balanced headphone outputs”.

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Prime among the Brooklyn’s future-proof features is hardware-based decoding for MQA® (Master Quality Authenticated). MQA’s “killer appeal” is its ability to deliver studio quality, “Master Quality Assured” streaming with no need to increase bandwidth beyond what is needed for CD-Quality streaming. Says MQA creator Bob Stuart, “You can take an MQA-encoded file, play it anywhere, and it will sound better than CD.”

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MQA files are backwards compatible; they can be played back without decoding, and the result is better than CD-Quality. However, when properly decoded, MQA files deliver the sound of the original master recording that the artist approved in the studio. The Brooklyn has sprinted to the head of the high-resolution DAC/HPA pack by being one of the first standalone DACs (along with Meridian’s) with hardware-based MQA decoding.

Were MQA not enough, Mytek’s Brooklyn also offers:

* Digital Inputs: AES/EBU, S/PDIF x 2, USB2 Class 2 (32 bit integer, no driver for Mac nor Linux Streamers) , and Toslink/ADAT; also SDIF3 DSD, up to DSD256, on 2x S/PDIF.

* Built-in audiophile-quality analog preamplifier with stereo analog RCA inputs selectable among Line Level, Moving Magnet, or Moving Coil phono.

* Stereo analog outputs on RCA and XLR jacks (simultaneous).

* Word Clock (In and Out) on BNC jacks.

* Mytek’s proprietary Femtoclock GeneratorTM minimizes internal jitter, to below 1 picosecond.

* Dual-mono reference-quality headphone playback, with high-current amplifier (500mA, 6 Watts) designed for hard-to-drive headphones. Optional adapter (2 x ¼-inch phone plugs to 4-pin XLR) enables balanced headphone operation.

* Volume control is selectable, either by an analog attenuator with separate settings for headphone and main outputs, or by a 32-bit based digital attenuator with 1dB steps.

* The Brooklyn’s jewelry-quality, artistically sculpted casework is available in Matte Silver or Black.

With headphone and line-level outs, MQA decoding and vinyl playback, the Brooklyn is ready to serve as the heart of a thoroughly modern hi-fi that embraces the future while celebrating the past. The Brooklyn comes with a worldwide power supply and infrared remote control. The Brooklyn is universal-remote-control capable, and can accept external 12V DC power or battery. The Brooklyn’s warranty is two years.

Mytek’s Brooklyn is available now at a US MSRP of $1,995.

About Mytek Digital

After graduating from Warsaw’s University of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Studio Electronics and Acoustics, Michał Jurewicz left his native Poland and moved to the United States. He worked in two legendary New York City recording studios — the Hit Factory and Skyline Studio, forming many working relationships and friendships in the NYC audio-engineering community that have continued to this date. He developed a series of Analog-to-Digital converters that improved the quality of digital mixes. Nearly all recordings by Mariah Carey, James Taylor, James Brown, The Chic, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, recorded at Skyline Studios in the early 1990’s were recorded with prototype Mytek analog to digital converters. In order to commercialize his hardware designs, Jurewicz founded Mytek Technologies in New York in 1992. Mytek’s goal has always been technological innovation aimed at preserving the highest possible sound quality during the recording process. It was Mytek’s leadership position in professional audio since 1992 that convinced MQA, Ltd. to make Mytek its first standalone-hardware technology partner. For further technical information, please visit the Mytek Digital website at