MODVO expands its second-generation products

MODVO expands their second-generation products

For nearly 2 years, our 2nd generation products have been in work for some time now.  The very first 2nd generation speaker was Introduce as the EX-90 (from the Executive Line).  This product was in beta testing with a release date in February of 2010, but due to unavailable parts, this product had to be put on the shelf.  In response to this misfortune, we decided to continue the push of our 1st generation products (Reference MM-100 and CM-100 Modules).  The Reference Mini Monitor 100 (reference MM-100) speaker (nearly 3 years old) still holds its own and offers exceptional quality and performance for the price.  At just $250 a pair, these speakers offers  hand built cabinets and crossovers with high quality components that use point-to-point soldering (no PC boards), usually found in speakers costing almost twice their price.

Studio Monitoring

Part of our second generation products will include a full-line of studio monitor speakers.    This new line-up will be geared towards individuals who are in the field of music and mixing.  This line will follow the traditional design of the CM-100 monitor speaker.  The not so flashy, but more serious look will draw professionals and individuals who care more about sound quality and accuracy rather then looks.  “We are really excited about this new line-up, these speakers have just the right sound we been looking for, not too bright or harsh.”  The Studio 8 version (larger 8″ model) offers accurate sound that is well balance and realistic sounding.

To Come

We believe our 2nd generation products will take a big step forward from our previous models with more accurate sound.  This will set the stage for our ideas to grow and hopefully become the choice of many consumers and professionals to come.

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