Mass Fidelity Ships Inaugural Product: Relay Ultra-fidelity Bluetooth Receiver

Connects handheld devices to home audio system for unlimited music choice, untethered convenience and true hifi sound quality

MF_Relay_Front_RGBJuly 9, 2013 Toronto – Canadian high-tech startup Mass Fidelity today announced it is now shipping the company’s first product–the Relay wireless hifi receiver ($249, €199).  The Relay streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to any audio system.  It allows listeners to enjoy a limitless universe of high definition digital music through their existing hifi audio system. Relay is a true high fidelity component that brings out the full sound quality potential that is hidden inside the Bluetooth protocol.

“We at Mass Fidelity are music lovers who appreciate the freedom and choice afforded by smart devices and who also appreciate the involvement and emotion that only a high fidelity audio system can reveal.” Said Mass Fidelity founder Ben Webster. “We were determined to find a way of having it all – convenience and fidelity. It is from this inspiration that the Relay was born. ”

The near-universal consumer familiarity with and adoption of Bluetooth technology in smart phones, tablets and laptops makes it the obvious choice for wireless music in the home. It requires no routers, apps or complicated set-up¾simply pair the Bluetooth device to Relay and hit play.

Relay can play any audio source a Bluetooth-enabled device can access, opening up a virtually unlimited choice of music to enjoy through a hifi audio system. The choices include music files stored on the device itself, music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, internet radio stations, podcasts and even music libraries connected to a wireless home network. If the phone or tablet can get access an audio source or file, the Relay will play it.

Best of all, the Relay delivers audiophile-grade performance thanks to its proprietary topography and firmware as well as premium components such as a Burr-Brown digital-to-audio converter (DAC).

The Relay is currently available in select US, Canadian, German and UK retailers and online worldwide at

About Mass Fidelity
Mass Fidelity is a community of audiophiles, designers, and engineers based in Canada who are allied in our mission to bring high fidelity listening experiences to all facets of contemporary life. Simplicity in design and dexterity in function make Mass Fidelity systems unlike anything else you’ve seen or heard¾beautiful, thoughtfully created conduits for the sounds you love.

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