Marantz Reference System and DALI Megaline Bring Impeccable Audio Experience To The Empire Suite Of The Carlyle In New York City

— Empire Suite Guests at Legendary New York Hotel Will Now Enjoy the Ultimate
in High-End Luxury Audio Performance —

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2009 — Marantz America, a world leader in advanced home entertainment solutions, is bringing a world-class music listening experience to guests of the luxury Empire Suite at The Carlyle, the legendary Manhattan hotel that stands at the corner of 76th Street and Madison Avenue. Guests in the hotel’s Empire Suite duplex will be able to enjoy breathtakingly realistic and room-filling music through the custom-installed Marantz “Reference System,” featuring four MA-9S2 monaural power amplifiers (SRP: $7,999.99 ea.) and an SC-7S2 preamplifier (SRP: $7,999.99 ea.). Musical content will be provided by the ultimate-quality SA-7S1 SACD/CD Player (SRP: $6,999.99). The flagship 2-channel Marantz Reference System will drive two luxury DALI MEGALINE III Speakers (SRP: $60,000 per pair) in a bi-amplified configuration.

Luxury Audio for a Luxury Suite
All three products in the Marantz Reference System are designed to provide discriminating audiophiles and custom installation specialists with the advanced components they need to create true reference-quality audio systems.

Zinon Zinon, owner of Savalex Audio / Video in New York and a longtime Marantz dealer, installed the Marantz Reference System and DALI Megaline in the Empire Suite. Says Mr. Zinon, who has installed over 100 Marantz components in different rooms throughout The Carlyle over the years, “I chose the Marantz system for this luxury installation simply because dollar for dollar, it’s the best sounding and best-looking gear I’ve ever worked with. Similarly, the performance of the DALI MegaLine 3 loudspeakers is nothing short of breathtaking, offering exquisite nuance, superb soundstage and depth while at the same time being perfectly comfortable playing at live concert levels. The well-known elegant aesthetic of the Marantz and DALI components are a perfect match for the luxurious atmosphere of The Carlyle and The Empire Suite, and the level of audio performance literally reaches perfection.”

Kevin Zarow, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development for Marantz America noted: “The Carlyle is renowned as one of Manhattan’s most luxurious hotels, and is known for its close longtime connection to the entertainment industry. Our Reference Series products are, quite simply the best we know how to make, and we believe they’re a perfect fit for the Empire Suite.”

Ultimate Quality Music Listening
Marantz Reference Series components are designed to provide ultimate-quality audio experience, from virtually inaudible nuance to thundering crescendo. The SC-7S2 Reference Control Amplifier sets the stage for musical reproduction virtuosity with a unique high channel separation design, upgraded low noise Toroidal transformer and more. With a total of 18 Marantz HDAM SA modules, the SC-7S2 is capable of reproducing the most demanding musical passages with clarity, subtlety and distinction. The unit’s F.C.B.S (Floating Control Bus System) adds to its performance capabilities.

Marantz’s MA-9S2 Reference Power Amplifier features a two-stage amplifier circuit, instantaneous high-current delivery capability and a double shielded low-noise Toroidal transformer. The unit’s full-balanced circuitry, high-speed amplification system, and 300-watt (8 ohm)/600-watt (4 ohm) power capability makes it the audiophile’s choice when it comes to delivering pure, balanced power to a no-compromise music system.

Marantz’ state-of-the-art SA-7S1 Reference SACD Player is packed with audiophile-grade selected components. It features a specially designed aluminum mechanism, as well as advancements such as a selectable digital filter, low-jitter internal clock, digital phase converter and more. To bring out the best and brightest sounds of today’s advanced digital audio disc formats, including SACD, CD, and CD-R/RW recordings, the platinum SA-7S1 SACD player utilizes refinements such as D-A Isolated Circuit Construction, high-accuracy NPC SM5966AS DACs, and DAM SA Buffer Amps. An ingeniously designed shorter signal path circuit board construction adds to the SA-7S1’s stunning music reproduction capabilities, decoding SACD’s Direct Stream Digital (DSD) bit stream (1-bit sampled at 2.8224 MHz) with frequency response to 100 kHz and an incredible dynamic range of 113 dB (at lower frequencies). The SA-7S1’s front-panel FL display features Marantz’s blue backlighting and utilizes a separate power supply to prevent noise interfering with the audio signal path.

In addition to Marantz Reference audio components, the system in the Empire Suite will feature the DALI MEGALINE III ultimate reference for loudspeaker performance. At 91 inches tall, MEGALINE employs a dozen 6.5-inch drivers, and floor-to-ceiling ribbons in each speaker.  The result is sweeping wide-dispersion sound with crystalline purity and focus.  Capable of reproducing thunderous lows and jaw-dropping impact, MEGALINE’s costly, wood-fiber drivers also capture the subtlest nuances and inner detail. Due to the phase-coherence of the line array configuration, focus and imaging are superior to any conventional speaker.  The experience of 3-dimensionality is magical and immersive.