Legacy Introduces V Speaker System

The new V from Legacy Audio is a groundbreaking high performance speaker system that unites perfect timing with incredible design.


The Legacy V is the first system to use the new dual 4” long Legacy AMT neodymium tweeters, arranged in a specially optimized post convergent array that masterfully presents treble which extends up to 30kHz. Building upon the advances first developed for the award winning AERIS speaker system, V features open air dual 14” carbon/pulp drivers delivering detailed and spacious midrange and midbass.

Legacy Chief Designer Bill Dudleston utilized a 12” aluminum bass driver with a massive magnetic structure complemented by another 12” aluminum very low frequency radiator which drives three 10” mass loaded pneumatic radiators. The result? Unprecedented excursion at the longest wavelengths with superior dynamic response. The V speaker system even shapes low frequencies into a cardioid pattern to avoid room coloration. The bass sections are amplified by the included 2,800 Watts of the latest generation of ICEpower® amplification.

The system is the first to include the Legacy Wavelet Processor. Wavelet is a preamp, a four-way crossover with time alignment, a complete speaker and room resonance correction, and a high-end DAC with apodizing ability.


The V system’s ultra high end performance capabilities are only matched by its design. The intricately crafted cabinet features optional high gloss, real wood veneer and aluminum extrusions.

The groundbreaking V from Legacy Audio redefines the possibilities of high performance speaker systems.

V & Wavelet will begin shipping in 2015.

V Specifications

  • System Type: Frequency and time domain optimized four-way directivity controlled array
  • Tweeter: Dual 4″ AMT Ribbons configured in post convergent array
  • Upper Midrange: Dual 6″ curvilinear with phase plug sonfigured in dipolar array
  • Midrange/Midbass: Dual 14″ Carbon/pulp, neodymium motor, cast frame, dipolar pattern
  • Bass: 12″ Aluminum diaphragm, Aura neodymium motor, sealed sub-enclosure
  • Subwoofer: 12″ Aluminum very low frequency radiator driving three 10″ mass loaded pneumatic radiators
  • Low Frequency Alignment: Coumpund B6, B2 handing up to dipole
  • Freq. Response (+/-2dB): 16Hz-30kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohm upper range
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB @2.83 Volts/1m in room
  • Recommended Amplification: Sub and bass sections are powered with 1400 watts of internal power, two external channels of 30 watts or greater required
  • Crossover: 80 Hz, 400 Hz, 3kHz
  • Binding Posts: 2 pair external binding posts, 2 XLR balanced inputs
  • Cabinet Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 72 x 18.75 x 19
  • Price TBA

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