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May 30, 2012



Legacy Audio invites you to The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach, CA June 1-3, 2012. Join us in Monarch Ballroom III at the Hilton Hotel where we will be exhibiting our flagship Helix speaker as well as the Whisper XD, Focus SE & Signature SE speakers.

System 1:  The four-way flagship Legacy Helix speakers employ a sophisticated digital four-way crossover and include internal ICE Power amplifiers for the subwoofer and bass section.  Upper frequencies are driven by the AVM 1000 Mono amplifier while the mids are driven by a Coda 33.0 amplifier. Other electronics include the AVM tube preamplifier and AVM tube CD player. Cables are WireWorld.

System 2: Armed with dual 500 watt ICE amplifiers in each cabinet, Legacy Audio’s new 24 bit Whisper XD speaker system sets the mark for dynamic range and imaging accuracy. The Whisper XD employs a differential acoustic wave-launch which uniquely preserves the directional cues encoded in quality stereo and multichannel recordings. Two full length baffles, driven one behind the other, are digitally synchronized to maintain an ideal directivity pattern. Electronics include AVM 400+400 watt mono amps with AVM Tube Preamp and AVM Tube CD player. Cables are Kimber Hero series. Click here to watch Behind the Scenes: Legacy Whisper XD.

System 3:  Appearing as a pair of carved monoliths with its faceted edges, the FOCUS SE exudes power and authority with dual 12” woofers.  Standing 55” tall, the system puts the ribbon tweeters right at seated ear level, while splaying the midranges to reduce floor reflection.  While the sound from each of the 7” drivers travels the same distance to the ear, the top midrange travels a half-wavelength farther to the floor.  This helps to cancel floor bounce and the associated dip in the lower midrange.  The woofers are loaded next to the floor allowing them to mutually couple, extending bass below 20Hz.  Electronics are Raysonic, Cables are Synergistic Research

In Adjacent Monarch Ballroom IV:

System 4: Utilizing the same ribbons and 7” midrange, Signature SE employs dual 10” woofers in a sealed enclosure to achieve highly controlled low frequency extension. Expect rich vocals, detailed but never harsh top end with boom free bass. Biamp capable, Signature SE features Kimber Silver HF wire on the treble and Solen capacitors in the high frequency section. Black chrome adjustable spike feet are insulated by 2”rubber cones to assure a solid foundation. Signature SE is the highest performing loudspeaker available in such a compact footprint. Electronics are Audioblock Audio System. Cables are Synergistic Research.

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See you at T.H.E. show!




Legacy Audio handcrafts the finest loudspeakers available. The quality standard is the same for our flagship commercial doubleHELIX system as our STUDIO bookshelf system. Our speakers are renowned for establishing reference level performance in home theater and audiophile settings.

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