Latest mini media marvel from Crystal Acoustics decodes more file formats, handles HD Audio and is even smaller still

The PicoHD5.1 portable Media Player from Crystal Acoustics caused quite a stir when launched. Well, the company has come back with something even better – the MediaMatchbox. The new design decodes even more video formats – now including Blu-ray; offers increased video bandwidth; HD Audio passthrough and downmix; navigation keys on the device; and video enhancement controls.

Yet it does all this in a box the same size as a credit card, if a somewhat tubby one. Those seeking an affordable, reliable media player for playing every type of music and video format on a high-definition TV need look no further than the $74.99 MediaMatchbox.

The device turns any USB memory stick or HDD drive into an entertainment source for your TV and is the only one with a RealTek 1055 chipset at this size and price, making it the most powerful Media Player in its category.

MediaMatchbox’s tiny dimensions (just 8.5cm x 5.4cm x 1.6cm) and slight weight (40 grams) means it can easily be carried in your pocket, and can be installed it even in the most restricted spaces. The sturdy high gloss enclosure adds to the unit’s high class feel.

The MediaMatchbox delivers HD video up to 1080p via its HDMI output, supports 5.1 multichannel audio with HD Audio passthrough, and offers compatibility with almost every audio and video file, such as MKV, DivX, BD-ISO, WMV, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, AAC and FLAC. The MediaMatchbox works with Hard Disks, USB Flash Drives as well as SD media cards.

So if you own a hard disk crammed to the gills with music and video files and would like to play these on your TV look no further than the MediaMatchbox portable Media Player, which is now immediately available for purchase on

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