ITC One Adds Apple Tv 2.0 And Microsoft Windows Media Center

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Customizable all-in-one home theater console for the luxury market supports all entertainment options provided by the two popular platforms.

Draper, Utah – March 20, 2008 – SE2 Labs today announced the addition of Apple TV® 2.0 to the stable of entertainment components supported by its Integrated Theater Console (ITC) One. Enhancing the already-available Microsoft® Windows Media Center™ option, Apple TV adds yet another useful feature set, highlighted by on-demand entertainment in the form of rented movies, YouTube videos, podcasts, TV shows, music and more.

SE2 Labs Founder and CEO Michael Pyle said, “Given the changing landscape of electronics and the growing demand for ‘entertainment at your fingertips,’ it’s important for the ITC One to serve as much as a vehicle for content acquisition as it is a performance vehicle for replaying content. Apple TV and Windows Media Center are the two of the most powerful engines available for acquiring and enjoying content.”

Further bolstering the ITC One’s bona fides as the most comprehensive “all-in-one” theater system in existence is the recent addition of a Blu-ray™ Disc drive to the console.

SE2 Labs’ ITC One fills a void for consumers and custom installers who seek a true, turnkey home entertainment system. The company’s unique business model, invented by Pyle, allows for customization and internal integration of normally standalone components via the company’s website. Interested customers design their own ITC Ones at; each console is built to spec and then shipped to a local installer, who delivers the system to the home and sets it up in a matter of hours, rather than the usual days or weeks.

The list of previously standalone components that can be included with any ITC One is staggering— Blu-ray Disc drive, Apple TV®, DIRECTV® high-definition DVR, Dish Network® DVR or national cable providers’ DVR (including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Cable and more), AMX NetLinx® Control System, Bryston pre-amp processor with full digital outputs, IcePower high-end D-class amplifiers, Vidikron high-end video processor, Apple Video iPod dock, proprietary remote control, Microsoft® Xbox 360™, Windows Media Center, Nintendo Wii™, Transparent Cable power conditioning, Transparent cabling and cable harness, and an anti-noise/vibration system.

With seven full patents, the ITC One is the only high-end, all-in-one home entertainment system of its kind on the market today. The ITC One has an MSRP of $25,000.

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About SE2 Labs
SE2 Labs is the innovator behind the ITC One (Integrated Theater Console), the world’s first personalized, compact, all-in-one, plug-and-play home entertainment system. Designed to simplify the installation and enjoyment of high-end home theater systems, the ITC One integrates a variety of best-in-breed components, including a high-def player, audio, video, gaming, control devices, and more—all built into a single, compact box. The brainchild of Michael Pyle, former owner of high-end custom installation firm Aurant, SE2 Labs is headquartered in Draper, Utah.

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