VSSL, Hurricane Utah – In a world of increasing home electronics that often add unnecessary complexity, VSSL has emerged to create multi-room audio products to improve quality of life through simplification. VSSL leverages over 15 years of experience in developing audio products for the custom integration channel as a spin off from TruAudio.

Introducing the VSSL A.6

We are excited to announce the VSSL flagship product, the A.6, will be shipping July 1st. The A.6 is a game changing device that introduces Native StreamingTM technology. The A.6 is the first product of it’s kind to combine AirPlay, Chromecast built-in, and Spotify Connect into every zone of a multi-room architectural speaker solution. Native StreamingTM gives users the ultimate simplicity in enjoying music. User’s connect and control VSSL directly from their native music app on iOS, Android, PC, or Mac.

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We are also announcing that VSSL is fully compatible with the Google Home speaker powered by the Google Assistant. With Google Home and VSSL, just say “Ok Google, play music in the kitchen” or “Ok Google, turn up the volume” to control your in-ceiling speakers. Users get seamless AI voice technology right out of the box.

The A.6 is a 6 zone solution capable of streaming 6 different sources to 6 different zones simultaneously with patent pending technology. Any room a user walks into, the A.6 is instantly ready for playback from their favorite app. Matrixed inputs and outputs allow for the ultimate flexibility when integrating with other systems.

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Company co-founder Dan Allen says, “VSSL is the ultimate user experience. We realize VSSL makes a true connection when we watch users react to VSSL for the first time. It’s so intuitive, there is no learning curve. We’ve worked really hard to make it that easy. We often hear from users, that it is system that they can finally use.”

With VSSL, homeowners can be introduced to whole-home audio without the need for added whole-home automation systems, which sometimes, for homeowners, can be expensive and overly complex. Devin Davies, company co-founder and CRO said, “ Setting your music free is the VSSL tag line but bringing families together without the distraction of cumbersome technology is what makes VSSL special. People just want to use their music apps with their in-ceiling speakers. There’s finally a solution for this and a better option for the CI market and the family/user.” Chris Orvin an early VSSL dealer (Summit Security Solutions) and user commented, “We have discovered VSSL to be a better solution for the home owner, it’s been trouble-free and opens the door for our customers to access all music and internet audio with no hassles at a price that’s reasonable. VSSL is our new go-to option. Our customers love it.”