High-End Without The High Price

Marc Audio Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary This October

In celebration of its one year anniversary, all Marc Audio products will be 25% off for the whole month of October. Prices will be starting at $118 for a 1m pair of interconnects.

After reviewing a pair of Marc Audio interconnects, Dr. John E. Johnson, Jr of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity said: “The big surprise is that these mid-level priced cables outperformed my $4,000/pair interconnects”. In fact, after the review, Marc Audio received a “Best of 2010” award from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity.

Reference Line interconnects feature pure OCC silver conductors, and the speaker cables use physically separate cables for positive and negative circuit legs.

Signature Line interconnects feature very low capacitance (19.0pF/foot), ultra flat impedance curve and speaker cables have a very high conductor cross-section to ensure ultra low impedance and neutral sound.

Premium Line interconnects feature flat impedance, and speaker cables feature low impedance and connectors that ensure maximum signal transfer.

About Marc Audio

High quality audio cables are made in the USA and sold on line to audiophiles around the world. All products are assembled by hand, and quality is assessed by listening.

Website: http://marcaudio.hostedbyamazon.com

Contact information:
Aaron Slepekis, Owner
E-mail: aslepekis@marcaudio.com
P.O. Box 212 Sturgeon Bay WI, 54235