Flagship A/V Streamer Combines Top-Shelf Audiophile Output with Extensive Feature Set and Flexibility

RS150 Rear

Seoul, South Korea, October 8, 2020 – HiFi Rose, the audio company that brings audiophile-grade performance to products designed to complement consumers’ lifestyles, is now shoipping ita referebce RS150 to customers in the U.S.

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The RS150 (SRP: $3,999.00) is the company’s flagship audio/video streaming solution, designed for both audiophiles and the most passionate music lovers who strive to achieve unsurpassed sonics when listening to music from high-definition streaming services, USB flash storage, and hard drives, media players with digital optical outputs, WiFi, and Ethernet connections. (Roon®-ready certification is pending.)

RS150 Front

“The HiFi Rose 150 is our ultimate statement on what is achieved when creating a no-holds-barred audio/video streaming solution,” said Sean Kim, General Director, HiFi Rose. “Every element, from components to the case and intuitive operating system, is designed to bring world- class sonics to listeners who demand the range, detail, and overall musicality of a true audiophile system in a single, easy-to-use product.”

Though its design is the epitome of simplicity, the RS150 is a high-fidelity 4K integrated streaming media system with top-shelf components for audio and video resolution that ranks with the most competitive models costing hundreds more.

Featuring the Asahi Kasei top-shelf DAC chip AK4499EQ, the RS150 offers extraordinarily low noise, low distortion, ultra-high-resolution audio, and a rich analog presentation. Audiophile formats, including DSD are a perfect match for the model’s PCM 32bit/768kHz and native DSD512 processing, bringing the full potential of high-definition digital audio to high-fidelity audio systems, from the most resonant low frequencies to crystal clear vocals and elegant highs.

RS150 Top Inner

The RS150 supports MQA full decoder technology. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download, producing full-range high-fidelity audio.

As one of the most critical links in the audio chain, a power supply will make or break sonic output with subtle and, sometimes, not so subtle effect. To this end, HiFi Rose installed the RS150 with a linear power supply that minimizes noise to the barest minimum, resulting in high-resolution output without audible distortion.

An audiophile-grade FEMTO clock ensures accurate imaging and distortion-free sonics. Also, a case made from a solid block of high-purity aluminum maximizes thermal efficiency for years of reliable, vibration-free operation.

The RS150 features numerous onboard apps, including podcasts and radio from across the globe via familiar services, including YouTube and TIDAL. Listeners with subscriptions to TIDAL will, with the RS150, enjoy the full musical spectrum of high-definition audio without compromise. Music, video, and podcasts are controlled either by the generous 14.1” touchscreen or one convenient, intuitive app: Rose Connect.

As a certified Roon-ready device, the RS150 opens a gateway to a multitude of audio streaming services and catalog management through the advanced music player and server software.

In addition, there is a CD ripping function that makes it easy for users to quickly rip and save audio files to SSD, USB HDD or Micro SD.

As the center of a two-channel theater system, the RS150 makes it easy for movie fans to access films stored on flash and hard drives, as well as NAS and other shared network drives, up to 4K x 2K @60 frames per second. The RS150 supports DLNA and Airplay in network.

The RS150 showcases an industrial design that fits well in a traditional audio rack or stands on its own on a shelf, a desktop, or countertop. Measuring 17” W x 12.45” D x 4.85” H, it is easy to place the RS150 wherever it fits best in the room.

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Added Mr. Kim: “The RS150 is custom-tailored for those who are willing to invest in a reference quality, state of the art streaming system that reveals the hidden elements of well-recorded music. I couldn’t be more proud of this model.”

ALTAbout HiFi Rose
HiFi Rose, a brand of Citech Co., Ltd., is an audio company based in Seoul, South Korea that is committed to extending the functionality of audio/video electronics through award-winning designs that promote intuitive operation while blending with the consumer’s lifestyle.