Great Bass Made Easy with New DEQ-R Series Subwoofers

The DEQ-R Series features a one-touch, five-band Auto-EQ room bass correction system using the included microphone and remote control.  One touch of the EQ button on the remote control integrates the subwoofer with the room and takes less than 60 seconds. The remote control features four customized presets for movies, jazz/classical, rock/R&B or games enabling a user to adjust the sub with one touch of a button.  The remote control also features volume and four-position phase control to assure a perfect blend of subwoofer and speakers.  An easily visible front panel with a LED readout provides immediate feedback and confirms all the user choices.

Powered by efficient, digital Class D amplifiers, the DEQ-R Series consists of four models: the DEQ-8R  with an 8″ forward firing driver (6.3″ piston diameter), the DEQ-10R with a 10″ forward firing driver (8.2″ piston diameter), DEQ-12R with a 12″ forward firing driver (9.7″ piston diameter) and the DEQ-15R with a 15″ forward firing driver (12.7″ piston diameter). The DEQ-8R, DEQ-10R, DEQ-12R and DEQ-15R deliver 360, 390, 450  and 1500 watts of peak power respectively (180, 195, 225 and 750 watts of continuous power).

The DEQ-R cabinets use a front-firing, slotted bass-reflex design, minimizing the distortion and maximizing bass impact.  The front panel features a black piano gloss trim.

The DEQ-R Series has a suggested retail price of $599 for the DEQ-8R, $699 for the DEQ-10R, $799 for the DEQ-10R and $1,099 for the DEQ-15R and is available immediately.