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Quarter Note Press releases Get Better Sound, the Reference Set-up Manual that guarantees better sound from any home audio system.

New set-up manual enables audiophile music lovers to unlock sound previously unattained from their audio systems.

Atlanta, GA, October 8, 2008 – Eight years after introducing his 31 Secrets to Better Sound—received by over 15,000 audiophiles around the world—Jim Smith has written a reference manual for setting up home audio systems. When he wrote 31 Secrets, Jim’s company—Avantgarde-USA—was the North American importer for Avantgarde Acoustic Hornspeakers.

During the period from January 2000 CES through January 2004 CES, Jim’s set-ups at shows garnered over seven “Best Sound of Show” audio press comments* for Avantgarde-USA, with many more similar mentions in smaller publications and message boards. The voicing techniques (and more) that Jim employed to win those “Best Sound of Show” awards are now available to audiophiles in Get Better Sound.

Jim Smith explains:

“An unexpected discovery became the basic motivation for this set-up manual. The thing that became the driving force for me arose from the incredible number of systems that I heard in audiophiles’ homes in the past eight years. Not just with Avantgardes, but with a host of other high-end components.

In all of those visits to audiophiles—to my great surprise—I never encountered one system that was performing anywhere near its potential. In fact, very few were performing at even half of the performance of which they were capable!

And yet, the common denominator among their owners was the question, “What about upgrading to the XYZ component?” It was clear that they thought that buying another amp, CD player, etc. was the path to audio nirvana.

But their priorities were misplaced. There was no need to spend another dime on components until they had gotten their system optimized to be able to “play the room.”

In instances where I was able to address the voicing issue for someone I visited, it took a relatively small amount of time (as compared to a large amount of money being spent on some new component) to get the system to an entirely new level.

Buying a new component without getting from it what you should be getting is about the same as throwing money out of the window. As a lifelong audiophile, I’m in favor of upgrading components, but believe in doing it from a foundation of performance. So this manual is part of my mission to change all that – for audiophiles everywhere!”

Geoffrey Poor of Balanced Audio Technology (aka BAT) comments*:

“I’ve learned more from Jim than any other individual in my thirty-plus years in this business, which now includes having been a retailer, loudspeaker manufacturer (Dunlavy Audio Labs, 1992-1995), and, now, one of the three partners of Balanced Audio Technology (1995-the present).

Jim Smith is a professional who has the experience, knowledge, and intellect to make anyone’s system sound its best. At last, he’s put his knowledge into the form of a book that can be read and understood by anyone. You don’t have to be a seasoned audiophile to appreciate this book. Indeed, it can help beginners and professionals alike.”

About the author

Jim Smith managed a high-end audio shop in Virginia in the early-to-mid-70s, then worked for Audio Research Corporation and Magnepan until late 1979 when he opened Audition, an acclaimed high-end audio shop in Birmingham, AL.

After leaving the industry in 1993, he returned in late 1999 with his new audio distribution company Avantgarde-USA, which imported Avantgarde Acoustic, Audiopax, and Zanden.

In 2005, the exchange rate continued to shift unfavorably. Rather than continuing to introduce dramatic price increases on existing models, Jim ceased all import efforts. He founded, a firm that concentrates on assisting audio companies (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) with improving their sales and marketing success.

Quarter Note Press is Jim’s publishing company, which concentrates on providing useful and previously unavailable information to niche markets, such as high-end audio consumers. Get Better Sound is available exclusively from

For more information, contact Jim Smith at 770-777-2095, or [email protected], or visit the Get Better Sound website –

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