NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario – (Jan. 6, 2022) – Fluance introduces the RT85N, featuring the Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge and an acrylic platter, to its popular Reference Series High Fidelity Turntable Line. Now available for purchase, the RT85N with MP-110 cartridge brings a new level of radiance, resulting in exceptional dynamics with improved bass extension. With an increased output of 5mV, the tonal accuracy and balanced frequency response offer superior audio playback.

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The RT85N is available now for purchase in a sleek, high gloss Piano Black finish and retails for$499 MSRP at

RT85N Reference High Fidelity Turntable Features:

  • Nagaoka MP-110 Cartridge for Warm and Dynamic Sound: High fidelity playback from the superfine polished elliptical diamond Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge featuring a more detailed, high precision, and authentic vinyl sound. Experience greater balanced tonal accuracy, resolution, and bass extension while accentuating every refined characteristic of your music.
  • Pure Analog Performance: The definitive vinyl record listening experience for beautifully warm and natural music, transporting you into the center of the performance.
  • Stylus JN-P110: Elliptical diamond stylus shaped for firmer grip and optimal contact with record grooves. The reduced surface noise and increased detail refinement result in enriched tonality and range for a precise, authentic sound.
  • High Density Acrylic Platter: The greater mass of the acrylic platter damps unwanted vibrations resulting in a more 3-dimensional sound with tighter bass, a fuller midrange, and overall improved clarity.
  • Speed Control for Precision Playback: The isolated motor prevents unwanted vibrations and noise while the speed control mechanism ensures consistent platter velocity (0.07% Wow/Flutter.)
  • Solid Wood Plinth: Revel in the gorgeous solid wood cabinet and adjustable resonance damping feet, ensuring superior isolation from unwanted micro-vibrations (Note: phono preamp not included.)

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FluanceAbout Fluance

Fluance is a North American-based audio brand established in 1999 that produces high end Home Audio, Music Systems and High-Fidelity Turntables. Fluance believes everyone should experience audio in its truest form, recreating the performance the way the artist intended. Utilizing only superior components and expert audio engineering, its products are a testament to the performance that can be achieved when a passion for music takes center stage. The perfect complement to any audiophile’s lifestyle, you’ll be enjoying live performances in your home for years to come.