Emotiva Introduces the Second Generation of Acclaimed XPA-2 Stereo Power Amplifier

With a new chassis design, stunning new aesthetics, and a slew of upgrades, the XPA-2 Gen 2 Stereo Power Amplifier improves on the highly successful original

FRANKLIN, TN, July 31, 2013 — Proving that the quest for audio excellence is a never-ending process, Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company whose passion for impeccable sound is evidenced in every product bearing its name, today announced the second-generation of their classic XPA-2 Stereo Power Amplifier, a completely revamped and refined two-channel powerhouse that boasts new features, new functionality, and a sleek new look.

Emotiva Introduces the Second Generation of Acclaimed XPA-2 Stereo Power Amplifier

It wasn’t easy to improve on the original XPA-2, which set a high bar for power and finesse – and at a price that positively embarrassed the competition. To up the ante with the new XPA-2 Gen 2, Emotiva refined the XPA-2’s circuit topology to convey the true essence of the music even more accurately, and to deliver it over an even more impressively silent noise floor.

The new XPA-2 Gen 2 also sports several mechanical improvements like solid machined gold-plated RCA jacks, high-quality metal toggle switches for input selection, and cleaner, bolder aesthetics, complete with a new high-strength chassis for added durability.

"Our first-generation XPA-2 was called ‘a beast, a monster, an abominable snowman on steroids’," says Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva. "With the XPA-2 Gen 2, we took that beast and sent her to finishing school. The result is not only more refined performance, but a more refined appearance, as well. And she’s flexible enough to stick with you even as your audio system evolves."

In the upgrade process, the XPA-2 Gen 2 also gained a boost in power, up from 250 watts per channel to 300 watts RMS per channel at 8? with 0.07% total harmonic distortion. For 4? loads, the amp retains its impressive 500 watts RMS per channel output with 0.12% THD, and, like its predecessor, the XPA-2 Gen 2 can be switched into Monoblock mode to deliver an astounding 1000 watts RMS into an 8? load.

Emotiva Introduces the Second Generation of Acclaimed XPA-2 Stereo Power Amplifier

That means a single XPA-2 Gen 2 can serve as the central powerhouse of a stunning two-channel system or, when combined with Emotiva’s XPA-5 Gen 2 Five-Channel Power Amplifier, the front-channel bedrock of an amazing 7.1-channel home theater system. When it comes time for that eventual upgrade to monoblocks, the user can simply add a second XPA-2 Gen 2, and switch both of them into Bridged mode, to experience the virtually unlimited power and dynamic headroom that only monoblocks can provide.

With its fully discrete, dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B topology and massive power supply – powered by a huge 1,200VA toroidal transformer with 45,000uF of storage capacitance – the XPA-2 Gen 2 delivers performance and sound quality unlike anything else available at anywhere close to its modest price. Experience impressive inner detail, superb sound quality, and explosive dynamics – all against a silent backdrop – for a mere $899.00, available exclusively at www.emotiva.com.

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Emotiva Introduces the Second Generation of Acclaimed XPA-2 Stereo Power AmplifierAbout Emotiva Audio Corporation

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