New Models Represent Flexibility and Exceptional Sonic Characteristics of Emotiva’s X Series

FRANKLIN, TN, October 19, 2017—Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company that continually proves high-performance audio doesn’t have be high-priced, now offers two new variations on its configurable XPA Gen 3 modular amplifier.

The new XPA-9 and XPA-11 Gen3 amplifiers (both priced at $1,999) are, respectively, nine- and 11-channel versions of the latest generation of Emotiva power amplifiers, embodying the exceptional performance of the company’s top-of-the-line X series of electronics. Both variations are designed for maximum flexibility when powering an advanced home theater system with Dolby Atmos.

Emotiva Audio’s XPA-9 Gen 3 amplifier

Emotiva Audio’s new XPA-9 Gen 3 amplifier is indicative of the company’s attention to accuracy and overall technical performance. Featuring five 300 Watt single channel amplifier modules and two 80 Watt two-channel power amplifier modules, the Gen-9 is the perfect amplifier to power a Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 system, let alone a seven-channel system with a pair of smaller speakers in a second zone.

Emotiva Audio’s XPA-11 Gen 3 amplifier

The XPA-11 Gen 3 ups the ante with two additional 80 Watt two-channel modules, giving consumers the ability to power 7.1.4 or 5.1.6 Dolby Atmos systems. “We created two dedicated similarly priced versions of our modular [XPA Gen3] amplifier to satisfy demand from customers who are anxious to upgrade to a world-class home theater with Dolby Atmos,” said Dan Laufman, President and CEO, Emotiva Audio Corp. “The XPA-9 and – 11 are world class amps that are true to our company ethos to provide impeccable quality with remarkable value for the investment.”

All XPA Gen 3 amplifiers share the same chassis and power supply; fully modular construction means that any XPA G3 amp can be upgraded by up to seven channels at another time. Each channel combines Emotiva’s differential input, fully complementary, short signal path Class A/B amplifier circuitry, and Optimized Class H™ power topology, to deliver both true audiophile sound quality and high efficiency.

Emotiva’s high performance universal switching power supply delivers exceptional efficiency and excellent low noise performance, automatically adapting to any line voltage between 100V and 250V, and reducing overall system weight for easier handling and installation.

EmotivaAbout Emotiva Audio Corporation

Emotiva Audio Corporation is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of high performance audio and video products. Outstanding performance and impeccable customer service has helped build a strong, dedicated following among the most demanding music and movie lovers. The company invests extensive resources into engineering, development, and quality, the sum of which is reflected in every amplifier, pre-amplifier, processor/controller, audio source, and loudspeaker system bearing the company’s name, assuring end-users an entertainment experience on a par with systems costing significantly more. For additional information, contact Adam Sohmer; Sohmer Associates, LLC.