Speakers, Amps, and new BasX Line Are in Stock and Available through Emotiva Dealers and Online Store

Franklin, TN, October 27, 2016 — Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company that continually proves high-end audio doesn’t have be high-priced, announced today that it is shipping three new lines announced earlier year, in addition to enhancements to its popular XMC-1 7.2-channel preamp/processor.

Specifically, the entry-level BasX series of powerful multizone amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and versatile stereo preamp/tuners is on the market, along with the expanded, highly acclaimed Airmotiv loudspeaker line and XPA Gen 3 high performance custom-tailored reference-level audio amplifier.

“Beginning in January, we initiated a series of product debuts that add up to a record-breaking round of new models in 2016, most of which are now here and ready to ship to our customers,” said Dan Laufman, President and Founder, Emotiva Audio Corporation. “With three of four new lines now ready to ship, and the fourth [Emersa] on its way in early Q1 ’17, we’re fulfilling our commitment to satisfy the needs of audio lovers at every level – from casual listeners to the most ardent audiophiles. And, we’re doing so at unbelievably affordable prices that are typical of the Emotiva brand.”

BasX multizone amps, stereo preamp/tuners, and integrated amplifiers are engineered to work together to reproduce flawless sound, with the most intuitive operation in audio. The line includes four power amplifiers, with various output power levels and configurations from two to eight channels, ensuring a perfect fit with a consumer’s needs. As Emotiva’s entry-level audio line, BasX sets a new standard in audiophile performance for products ranging in price from $199 – $599.

The expanded Airmotiv loudspeaker line is engineered and positioned to be a complete sound solution for contemporary hi-end audio systems. All seven models that are shipping or, in the case of the subwoofers, will ship in early December, feature modern elegant black faceted baffles, with critically braced high quality MDF cabinets and magnetically attached grills. The Airmotiv series price range is from $199-$699.

XPA Gen 3 is a custom-tailored amplifier that can be endlessly tailored to individual systems – the opposite of “off-the-shelf.” It’s a reference-level audio amplifier ideal for everything from a single subwoofer, to a stereo playback system, or a complete home theater. Its unique, modular, assembled-in-the-USA architecture, means it can grow with system needs.

The XPA Gen 3 is a significant step above the Gen 2 line. Using Emotiva’s lauded XPR amplifier topology for superior sonics, and designed with highly flexible modularity, the XPA Gen 3 accommodates 1 to 7 channels, multiple power levels, and is ideal for applications from reference stereo to surround sound.

All XPA Gen 3 amplifiers share the same chassis and power supply; fully modular construction means that any XPA G3 amp can be upgraded by up to seven channels at another time.

An enhancement to one of its most popular preamp/processors, Emotiva now offers owners of the XMC-1 an opportunity to upgrade to HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 from the original HDMI board. The upgraded version, which is included on all XMC-1 units that shipped after the board was made available, features one HDMI 2.0 input and one HDMI 2.0 output, with full HDCP 2.2 support.

Emotiva is offering the upgrade at no cost to consumers who purchased the preamp/processor before the board was available, and at a cost of $299 for those who purchase the XMC-1 used or at a discount.

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Emotiva Audio Corporation (www.emotiva.com) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of high performance audio and video products. Outstanding performance and impeccable customer service has helped build a strong, dedicated following among the most demanding music and movie lovers.

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