Earthquake Sound Rough-In-Kits

Simple and Fast Home Installation

Earthquake Sound’s RK-EC6 and RK-EC8 offer extreme versatility for the installation of Edgeless Ceiling Speakers. Each rough-in kit is designed to expedite home audio installation during new construction with guaranteed customer satisfaction.


The RK-EC6 kit is compatible with the 6″ Edgeless Ceiling Speakers (ECS 6.5 andvt ECS 6D) while the RK-EC8 kit is compatible with the 8″ Edgeless Ceiling Speakers (ECS 8.0 and ECS 8D).

Flexible and straightforward installation is made possible with the extended aluminum easy snap-on dog-ears and rough-in rings. The dog-ear pieces can be stapled, nailed or screwed easily into ceiling joists, providing a reliable set-up within a matter of minutes. Rough-In Kits are easy for Sheetrock installers to spot. Earthquake Sound’s RK-EC6 and RK-EC8 Kits will improve the Edgeless Ceiling Speaker installation experience for both user and installer.


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For over 27 years, Earthquake Sound has produced a variety of high quality audio products that have impressed audiophile communities around the world. In 1997, using his existing expertise in the audio industry, Joseph Sahyoun expanded his company to home audio production. From mobile audio to pro-sound and home audio, Earthquake Sound has been selected as the winner of many prestigious awards based on sound quality, performance, value and features. Additionally, Earthquake Sound has been granted many design patents by the USPO for revolutionary audio designs that have changed the sound of the audio industry.

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