Daily Blog – Sumit Chawla – May 23, 2008: A NEW HD DVD UPDATE DISC 3.0 FROM TOSHIBA.

Last week I was surprised to find a firmware update CD in my mailbox from Toshiba.  This firmware was for their for their first generation HD DVD hardware platform and was said to address handshake issues with some display devices and improve playback of some titles.

I have hung on to my HD-A1 and it still gets an occasional spin.  The player’s firmware has gone through several updates since I first bought it, and it will receive this update at some point.  Yes, I wish that none of this was necessary and that the platform was stable from the very beginning, but  . . . still, kudos to Toshiba for bowing out respectfully and continuing to support their customers, mostly early adopters, who invested in HD DVD, a format that is now gone.